Chris Phillips

Chris Phillips

 Weymouth, Massachusetts, USA

My music is rooted in melody and born out of the raw, organic, vibe of acoustic guitar with a keen pop sensibility. The music is honest and easy on the ears often bringing in a female harmony to round things out much like a lot of music from the 70's.


Chris played original music for a number of years in his band Pretty Cool Chair in and around New England during the late 90's and early 2000's. In that timespan PCC cut two albums, Staring and Steve. John Sebastian of Lovin Spoonful performed on Staring, recorded at Nevessa Studio in Woodstock, New York. Chris continues to perform original music in and around the Boston area and in April 2011 released his NEW ALBUM entitled Giving The Chase. Songs from Giving The Chase can be previewed here on sonicbids as well as at

More on Giving The Chase:
Each song started out like all of us, bare naked, once born out of some stripped down affair between just Phillips and his acoustic guitar probably in his basement or bedroom or from some rocky New England beach. For some songs this is obvious, such as with Hurts Like Hell (Track 7), featuring a beautifully simple yet powerful arrangement of just lead vocal, acoustic guitar and cello. Or with Smoking Alibis (Track 13), a sweet and poignant orchestration of three acoustic guitars and one mandolin recorded live, four guys standing around a center mic. Then there are others on the album that you find hard to believe are regularly peformed as just solo acoustic renditions such as the intelligently produced and heavily orchestrated Pictures (Track 10) or Keep In Touch (Track 4) that starts out as 'guy and guitar' but effortlessly evolves into a massive evocation of four part harmony and rocking instrumentation.

Then there's the big picture; the story the album itself tells. Phillips's deliberate track placement and song chronology reveals an age old story told, or rather sung. It's the story of love found, love lost, self lost, and ultimately the finding and re-emergence of self. And in that order too as can, in part, be seen just in the song titles and order listed starting with the all things innocent and sweet 'For You' (Track 1), to all things good 'Life Is Good' (Track 2), forbidden love of 'Castaway' (Track 3), to the desparation, loss, betrayal and pain evoked in Tracks 4 - 10 with Stay, Keep In Touch, Whatever Happened To You, Hurts Like Hell, Camouflage, Jaded, and Pictures, that ultimately leads to a catharsis by way of acceptance and self realization described in Welcoming Rain, Maya, and Smoking Alibis that finish off the album and story.
In the end, "Giving The Chase" tells a story of a fantastic life cycle that most of us perpetually experience again and again in one form or another. Of the human condition that has us all seeking and searching and the fulfillment we get from the chase alone. Like the dog that gives chase to the car.


Hurts Like Hell

Written By: Chris Phillips

I think my efforts are in vain
I think my comments are best left to myself
Is there something for the pain?
Cuz if there is you know I’ll surely take it…

I think the writing’s on the wall
And it’s up to me to make that call
But I’m up Shits Creek
And I’m way too weak
I’ll just grab a bat, close my eyes and swing away, I’ll swing away

It hurts like hell, and I hurt myself

This is going on way too long
And I’m sorry I burnt your letters
But they never really had it going on, so let me guess
You want to still be friends
And these conclusions are foregone, and I’m moving on

And just because we never talk anymore it doesn’t mean that I’m not planning our next date
But I hear you speaking and it gets me freaking
Cuz it’s never enough, it’s never enough, I’m never enough for you to love

And it hurts like hell, and I hurt myself

And though I’m getting better
It doesn’t really matter
Everything you seem to do it only makes me feel as if I’m lesser of a man
And I cannot understand, you’re lonely
And although I should be making other plans you know I’m breaking down!
Cuz you won’t be around
And although I wish you well, you know for me it’s gotta hurt like hell
And I hurt myself

Whatever Happened To You

Written By: Chris Phillips

How did we get here?
When did it blow up? Why’s it so messed up? Where are we going? What the hell happened?
I can’t understand you
I thought we were golden but now it’s just old
And you aren’t the same so what the hell happened?

It’s so bad
I can’t explain but I’m feeling ashamed
And it’s so bad
What did I do, are you feeling it too?
It’s so bad
Always another, running for cover
We’re so bad
Whatever happened to you

I can’t decide
If my heart’s to blame or if this is your game
Give me a motive, give me a reason
I’m sick of it all
You know this isn’t your call
Stop insisting it’s this when I know that it’s that you better give me a reason

I told you
I told you I loved you, there’ s no one above you
I told you
I can’t take it back now this is my heart attack
I told you
You wouldn’t listen now look what you’re missing
I told you
We could have gone all theway

I looked for your face
Always giving the chase
Who would have known the last place that I looked was where I would find you
You’re back living with him
I never thought he would win but I’m telling you this
Never again! No never again!

It’s over
I’m going home where I’m all alone
It’s over
I’m all alone, alone, alone
It’s over
Alone, alone, alone, alone
It’s over
Whatever happened to you

Keep In Touch

Written By: Chris Phillips

I have come to find
How to ride the tides
We won’t ever die
Our love is too strong our love is too strong and
For the millionth time
Time has passed me by
I have got to try to head out on my own , head out on my own
While I’m gone away
You will have to wAIt
But I’ll be back some day
We can move on then we can move on then
Love will rule the day
Baby come what may
Thought I heard you say
It’s not that simple it’s not that simple

You say, “hey baby come with me”
But we both know that you’re going places I can only dream…

I am just a man
Trying to understand
It’s all part of the plan
You better believe it you better believe it
We were meant to be
I’m Peace you’re Harmony
Liberate what has to be
Set me free just set me free
My valediction’s near
My love no need to fear
But I’m the only one with tears, you know I’m leaving you know I’m leaving
Babe before I go, one thing you’ve got to know
I need this time this room to grow
I know you see it I know you see it

You say, “hey baby come with me”
But we both know that you’re going places I can only dream…


Written By: Chris Phillips

I see pictures all the time and I can never rest
Of all these pictures in my mind it’s yours I love the best
Some see walls, some see space, some see things inbetween
I see pictures right in front of my face as they decorate the scene

Baby can’t you tell
I’m not doing well
It’s all the pictures in my mind
Honey I know your pain
But please don’t hesitate
To put it here from time to time

When I try to look inside I can’t seem to find the space
So I try to hack away at the vine but another grows there in its place
I am weightless, I am free but still I’m sinking down
I would kick if I had air to breathe but there’s no air to be found

Baby I’m sinking low
With nowhere left to go
And all these pictures in my mind
I’ll try to sort the past
I hope the pain don’t forever last
You keep it with me all the time

When I think about the space that defines the present tense
To be with you there in that place, the other side of the fence
I am weightless, I am free
I’m next to nothing baby come dance with me
I am barely what you want me to be
What you need me to be

Baby can’t you tell
I’m not doing well
It’s all the pictures in my mind
Honey I know your pain
But please don’t hesitate
To put it here from time to time


1999 Staring
2002 Steve
2011 Giving The Chase