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"Chris Nathan Words CD REVIEW"

Chris Nathan

So what happens when a Canadian producer and an artist from Buffalo, NY reconnect in Nashville? In this case, the outcome is Chris Nathan's new CD, Words out this Fall. Chris has established a strong live following in the southeast region of the states. He self-produced his EP- Nashville Sessions in 2006 before retaining writer/producer Terry Sawchuk . "The album it-self was a pleasure to work on... from the musicians who'd given me their time and dedication, right up to my producer Terry who kept me focused," says Nathan.

"I met 25-year old Chris Nathan in Buffalo in 2003. I was really taken by his live show. I started to develop him over the next few years. It wasn't until we both found ourselves moving to Nashville around the same time that things took a turn for the best. Chris is an undeniable talent live and we had to write and find the right songs that showcased his incredible vocal delivery," says Sawchuk who sports a record and publishing deal with Universal Music and recently produced Deca artist, Matt Dusk.

According to the producer, they kept the recording process simple to help the debut artist. "The tracks were cut in the country at the drummer, Shannon Forrest's studio (The Shrine) with Ilya Toshinsky on guitar and Spencer Campbell on bass. "I use these guys on everything. I call them the gorillas. You actually need a helmet when you walk into the live room when these guys kick into it. We cut 8 songs in one session, one day of guitars overdubs, 3 hours of B3 with Charlie Judge. All the vocals were done in my walk in closet. I only keep a writing setup at my place but for some reason it just felt more comfortable than a studio," says Terry who is not a fan of the volume wars in mastering and the pinched sound of mixing in protools (even with summing devices). "I love the old school theory of three chords and the truth and the record button being the most important piece of gear in the studio," add Terry.

The CD will officialy be released on October 5th when Chris performs at World of Beer in Tampa/WestChase at 7PM. "Nashville, Buffalo, and N.C. dates will follow. "Just keep spreading the word," says the artist.


"Woke Up in Nashville"

The Queen City is by no means fertile ground for musicians. Chris Nathan knows this, that's why he's saying goodbye to Buffalo and hello to Nashville, Tenn.

"I have a publisher, Susan Burger, with 'Third Tier Music,' and she's going to make me a star, hopefully," said Nathan, the former lead singer of Woke Up in Vegas, in an interview with The Spectrum.

Nathan will be playing his final Buffalo show on May 13 at the Palace Theatre in Lockport.

The move to Nashville is the next phase in Nathan's musical career. It might appear to be odd for the lead singer of a rock band to be moving to Nashville, but the singer welcomes the change.

"We went on tour and made a stop in Nashville," Nathan says. "It was that cool. From the first second I got there, I said, 'I need to be here. I fit in here.' It felt like a Mecca for me."

Moving is not the only major change in Nathan's life lately. He used to be the lead singer, guitarist and writer for a band named The Stone in 2003. As a DMB cover band, they could be found singing in the Elmwood Lounge.

"There was a lot of confusion with the band and where we were going to go," Nathan said. "Financially, we couldn't do it."

The end of Woke Up in Vegas turned into a new opportunity for Chris Nathan to go out on his own. He has been writing fervently and producing the "Bedroom Demo."

"The 'Bedroom Demos' are fairly literal," he said. "They were recorded in my bedroom."

The recording quality might sound a little on the amateur side, but Chris Nathan is breaking out and doing his own thing. It's what he was doing with Woke Up in Vegas, yet his voice is better than ever.

"I was creatively blocked because it was a certain sound. It was rock," he said. "It was really hard to be honest when each song had to be three minutes long."

Nathan also admits he'll really miss his band members in Buffalo.

"They'll still be my friends till I die and I'll help them every way I can."

The artist regularly puts up new songs on his Myspace name, "chrisnathanmusic." He says he uses the site as a way to both stay in contact with his Buffalo fan base and build a new one.

"Everyday I get 'adds' from people that like my music," he says. "It's pretty inspiring."

Music has always been in Chris Nathan's life. His parents were very involved in music and had their own band.

"My parents were hippies going to festivals (when) I was an infant," he said, "I used to watch them play in the basement."

He remembers going to the musical festivals and even rushing the stage at the "Friendship Festival" when he was about three years old.

"I think it was during John Sebastian," he said. "It's been a wild ride."

While Nathan is looking forward to greener pastures in Nashville, he'll always remember his time with his band in Buffalo.

"It was perfect. Every second of it."

The May 13 show starts at 7 p.m. Tickets are $10
- Melanie Boczarski UB Spectrum

"Seldom Heard Performer Series"

Notes for podcast of the Seldom Herd Showcase at the Palace Theater in Lockport NY on May 13th, 2006

The Seldom Herd Songwriters held another Showcase at The Palace Theater in Lockport on May 13, 2006. They featured eleven performers and as always gave a lot of entertainment for the appreciative crowd.

More songs by the Seldom Herd performers can be found at:

Performing in order:

Alix Krzmein - Original Song
Joe Sears - Back Seat Driver
Lydia Goldstein - untitled
Tina Williams - Turn Around
Shannon Parker - Ready For Something New
Rick Heenan - Beach Whistles
Mike Petralgia (MJP) - Abar #5
Dale Campbell - Ruby Sunset
Sam Conjerti - Feel Like Comin Home
Kathy Moriarty - ?
Chris Nathan set (5 songs)
- Everything Will Be Okay
- Hurts Like It Should
- So I Got Someone
- 2 more I didn’t get names for

Chris Nathan is a popular songwriter who was with the band Woke Up In Vegas. The band has decided to dissolve and Chris is heading off to Nashville to a job as a professional song writer. The show was his last Buffalo area performance before his departure. We wish him lots of luck!

Chris’ MySpace page:

The UB Spectrum ran a great article on Chris at

Photos of the Showcase are at
- Seldom Heard

"Chris Nathan"

Let’s welcome Chris Nathan, a Nashville prodigy artist. Nathan has the spunk of Kid Rock and musically falls towards bluesy artists such as Black Crowes and Gavin Degraw which makes him our CMJ pick. Our favorite songs include radio ready Bonnie and Clyde and I Wouldn’t Change A Thing.

- Kings of A&R

"Chris Nathan Rock on Together"

RESPECT Chris Nathan. Okay, here is where I start to gush...a lot.

It was last Monday night and I was at the Blue Bar with my good friend Molly who was in town visiting from Kansas.

It was a night full of singers, songwriters, musicians and the like put together by Amanda Williams. She is an amazing singer/songwriter as well and you will be hearing more about her very soon.

Plus, I got to see Alan and Brian!

I will fully admit something. When Brian first told me to listen to Chris, I made a statement along the lines of I had no idea who this guy was. On Monday night, I ate my words and was upset with everyone who hadn't told me about Chris Nathan before that time. Here is why.

Chris Nathan is effin ridiculously good and everything I love in a musician. I was hooked from the minute he started singing. I'm not kidding even a little bit. Chris Nathan is Jonny Lang mixed with Gavin DeGraw, with a side of the Black Crowes and some old school soul music.

His voice is rhythmic. By that I mean Chris Nathan sets the tempo for each song he performs live. Usually the instruments are setting the pace, but not with this guy. He is in control and oh so comfortable on a stage. The bad ass rocker FEELS the music he delivers and it's evident to the crowd. A live show with Chris Nathan is an experience unlike any other.

The second the music started, I was dancing. It did not matter if the song was fast or slow. Every tune had a purpose and my heart and soul went along for the ride.

"Girl By the Window" was the longing song with the line "I've been looking for destiny. So won't you come rescue me? I need some more of your love. Your love. I'm in need of your ecstasy. So won't you come rescue me? I need some more of the girl by the window." It's got a fierce beat that makes the song hot.

Next up was the rockin' "Bonnie and Clyde" which encourages the listener to join in on the singing and brings more of the rebellion with lines like "He was a bad boy from Telico, Texas when a good girl stopped him in his tracks on the back roads tryin' to find another way. They hit the highway, police on their tail. They took an exit. Lost 'em in the dust of the desert tryin' to buy another day."

Chris improvises the music to introduce band solos during a show. It is so smooth; the solo introductions might as well be a song in and of themselves.

Then there was the song Chris said was his soul called "Words." It is another awesome song leading the listener down the trail of unsure love and longing. "I keep breaking down these walls just to get to you. I'm hoping you'll be there on the other side. Waiting by the phone not knowing what to say. Hoping that the words don't get in the way."

My very, favorite Chris Nathan song is "Happy." It is amazing. In one week, I've already played it 77 times. That's not an exaggeration. That is the truth. "Now I'm standing on the edge. I can feel my heart pounding through my chest. Maybe I'll be okay for another day. So I close my eyes and try to hear the voice above the noise that's telling me to be happy. Oh to be happy." Priceless.

I discovered Chris Nathan music was available on iTunes and I promptly went and bought four songs. Those musical masterpieces have been playing non-stop on my iPod for a week.

Chris, will you marry me? (Wait! That's a little too forward.) Chris, will you sing to me...forever? (Wait! That's a little too creepy.) Chris, RESPECT! ; )

- Rock on Together


Debut Album "Words" 2007
Produced by: Terry Sawchuk
Engineered by: Terry Sawchuk and Shannon Forrest
Sold over 3,000 Copies World Wide Independently
Through Online Distribution and Concert Sales
The numbers are continually increasing as Word Of Mouth is multiplying ten fold.

Released Live album " So'Fully Yours" in Spring 2009 which has received rave reviews from credited industry including Pete Robinson (Dave Matthews Band, Third Eye Blind)



Chris Nathan is one giant presence both on stage and off. At 6'6" tall, this charismatic soul man sings from where his music resides, the soul. While his music is considered Pop/Rock it's very influenced by the likes of The Black Crowes, Dave Matthews Band and Otis Redding. Chris takes his influences and creates his own finely tuned machine, delivering soulful and melodic vocals laden with extremely catchy radio friendly hooks.

His debut album "Words" was released in October 2007 and began to immediately gain credit in the industry, seeing his songs gain radio airplay while significantly making an impact on AAA radio across the US and Canada. Chris then landed a featured spot at the Red Gorilla Music Fest in Austin, Texas where he was the main attraction. More recently, Chris became the artist of the week on Lightning 100, Nashville's premier independent radio station along with landing sponsorship with World of Beer in Tampa, FL , Luna Guitars Tampa, FL and Aladdin's Hookah Lounge in Nashville,TN.

Chris's latest release titled So'Fully Yours, is a live cut recorded in front of an eager and intimate Nashville, TN audience. The crowd consisted of fans hand picked by Chris himself, to participate in the launch of his new album. The room immediately filled with an enormous amount of energy and those good feelin' vibes that Chris brings every time he steps on stage. With songs like "You Got it Bad" and "Sunshine and Alcohol " you feel an enigmatic soulful vibe with extremely catchy and sing-along-able hooks, one called Chris the " Anthem-atician ".

He now will embark on his Spring and Summer tour dates across the U.S. delivering highly energetic and spirited performances that leave audiences wowed and wanting more. Theatre's booked for upcoming tour dates include Halton Theatre in Charlotte,NC and the Tampa Bay Performing Arts Center's Jaeb Theatre in Tampa,FL, both shows are expected to be sold out. There is no doubt that he will make tremendous waves in the music industry for years to come. Look for Chris in a city near you.

Visit Chris Nathan on and on Facebook keyword: Chris Nathan. Purchasing of his debut album "Words" can be found on iTunes and many other major online distributors.