Chris Nathan

Chris Nathan


Quotes: - " An extremely passionate and honest musician, the best live act out there today" - {Pete Robinson Propel Music} -"The most undeniable and honest performer I have ever heard" {Yvonne deVillers founder of Luna Guitars}


Chris Nathan is one giant presence both on stage and off. At 6'6" tall, this charismatic soul man sings from where his music resides, the soul. While his music is considered Pop/Rock it's very influenced by the likes of The Black Crowes, Dave Matthews Band and Otis Redding. Chris takes his influences and creates his own finely tuned machine, delivering soulful and melodic vocals laden with extremely catchy radio friendly hooks.

His debut album "Words" was released in October 2007 and began to immediately gain credit in the industry, seeing his songs gain radio airplay while significantly making an impact on AAA radio across the US and Canada. Chris then landed a featured spot at the Red Gorilla Music Fest in Austin, Texas where he was the main attraction. More recently, Chris became the artist of the week on Lightning 100, Nashville's premier independent radio station along with landing sponsorship with World of Beer in Tampa, FL , Luna Guitars Tampa, FL and Aladdin's Hookah Lounge in Nashville,TN.

Chris's latest release titled So'Fully Yours, is a live cut recorded in front of an eager and intimate Nashville, TN audience. The crowd consisted of fans hand picked by Chris himself, to participate in the launch of his new album. The room immediately filled with an enormous amount of energy and those good feelin' vibes that Chris brings every time he steps on stage. With songs like "You Got it Bad" and "Sunshine and Alcohol " you feel an enigmatic soulful vibe with extremely catchy and sing-along-able hooks, one called Chris the " Anthem-atician ".

He now will embark on his Spring and Summer tour dates across the U.S. delivering highly energetic and spirited performances that leave audiences wowed and wanting more. Theatre's booked for upcoming tour dates include Halton Theatre in Charlotte,NC and the Tampa Bay Performing Arts Center's Jaeb Theatre in Tampa,FL, both shows are expected to be sold out. There is no doubt that he will make tremendous waves in the music industry for years to come. Look for Chris in a city near you.

Visit Chris Nathan on and on Facebook keyword: Chris Nathan. Purchasing of his debut album "Words" can be found on iTunes and many other major online distributors.



Written By: Nathan, Sawchuk

I keep tryin
to love you as best as i can
but you keep on pushin me away
and it takes everything i have sometimes
just to keep from walkin away

somehow all my fears fall away
i guess i'll stay and fight another day

I keep breakin down these walls
just to get to you
hoping you'll be there
on the other side
waiting by the phone
not knowin what to say
hoping that the words
don't get in the way

oh but i can't keep tryin
to love you to love you to love you
when you just keep running away
you're gonna have to make up your mind darlin
meet me half way

cus i wish all your tears would fall away
cus this heavy heart can't take the pain



Written By: Chris Nathan, Rick Huckaby

Verse 1:
Well everyday I wake up
I feel the sun shining on my face
You begin to fill my cup
There's nothing like your warm embrace

Oh your love is real love
And not a drop is wasted
Oh your love is sweeter
Than anything i've tasted

Well i would dig a hole to hell
And fight the flames
If the devil shackled me
I'd break his chains to taste your
Your sweeter than a summer rain
Cut through you like a windy day
Nothing is sweeter than your

Verse 2:
Everybody knows it
They hate to see you go
but love to watch you walk away
I swear I must be dreamin'
How in the world did I get you girl

You show me something to believe in
I know it cause I feel it
I never think of leaving, no
You never give me a reason




Tell Me

Written By: Chris Nathan

Verse 1:
You low down, dirty, dirty
Girl you treat me
Like a hole in your pocket
Always playing with me

You're saying there's a light
At the end of the tunnel
I've been seeing nothing
But the writing on the wall

Chorus 1:
So tell me
Tell me
You're with another man
I said tell me
Baby tell me
I don't understand
What it takes to be your man

Verse 2:
I can't help but feeling wrong
You treat me like a dog
On the streets
Only giving me scraps

You say you'll bring me change
But I'm still short a dollar
From the last time you lied
Gone and made my heart broke


Your love is like a trainwreck driving me down
I'm trying but I just keep losing ground



Written By: Chris Nathan, Terry Sawchuck, Tom Douglas

Verse 1:
Moved into an apartment
Underneath some powerlines
Maybe that's the reason
We lost our minds
And maybe that's the reason

The rumble of a subway
Over our heads
The paint is cracked and peeling
It's probably filled with lead
And maybe that's the reason

That I'm standing on the edge
I can feel my heart
Pounding through my chest
Baby I'll be ok for another day
So I close my eyes
And try to hear the voice
Above the noise
That's telling me to be Happy
Oh to be Happy

Verse 2:
Standing outside your new house
I know you're inside but not alone
I left you messages
On your telephone
and maybe that's the reason


Thought I'd turn this thing around
After you go
But no matter how hard I try
You're still on my mind


So I close and I hear the voice telling me
Oh it keeps telling me
Now I'm on the edge and I hear my heart telling me
Oh it keeps telling me
To be Happy


Debut Album "Words" 2007
Produced by: Terry Sawchuk
Engineered by: Terry Sawchuk and Shannon Forrest
Sold over 3,000 Copies World Wide Independently
Through Online Distribution and Concert Sales
The numbers are continually increasing as Word Of Mouth is multiplying ten fold.

Released Live album " So'Fully Yours" in Spring 2009 which has received rave reviews from credited industry including Pete Robinson (Dave Matthews Band, Third Eye Blind)

Set List

Going Down
I'm Takin Over
Tell Me
Sunshine and Alcohol
Just Like You
No Diggity
Bonnie and Clyde
Take Me
Something bout You
Hands Up
I'm Not Ready To Fold
Hazy Eyes

Sets can go 2 Hours +