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Follow was my first solo project. I completed this in SW Florida on a laughable budget. It really was a blessed experience for me though because I realized from that project that I could really do something on my own. It is a great beginning. I do love the song Madeline on that project.

I did Golden at Innovation Studios with Mike Ofca behind the console. We worked well together and I felt the project was some of the best stuff I'd written. It was picked up by and is now distributed nationally by them. I love the song Mary's Son from this CD, and have been doing the tune Surrender all over the country for a few years now.

Wonder (joyful desperation) was also done at Innovation and in a way I think the CD compliments what we were doing with Golden. There are songs on that project that are very old, and tunes that I did just before recording. The title song won a Unity award. I play a lot of the tunes from that CD in live concerts.

The Encounter was meant to be a simple project that highlighted some music I wrote specifically for the Mass. There are a few full songs on it, as well as original Mass parts. I think it is a good first effort and hope to do another project in the future as I continue to develop as a musician and writer.

Choosing the Father is a talk which was placed on CD around five years ago. It is a keynote I have done all over the country. The recording was done in a studio so it looses a little of the live flavor, yet I think some of the points are applicable and helpful. The cover is weak, but the content is practical and helpful.

I have two new solo CD's due out within the new year. One is possibly going to be called Crimson and Blue and the other will be either Ceiling or With Jesus. Post production and mixing will be done hopefully before Christmas 05.

Finally, a new DVD highlighting this apostolate is going to be released the beginning of the new year 06. It is called The Experience and focuses on a talk I do centered upon the passage where Jesus walks upon the water. It has a ton of personal footage and fun stuff for all to enjoy.


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No one goes into full time Christian ministry because it is known as a get rich type of occupation. Nor do they travel all over the country week in and week out, because the frequent flyer miles are something one can’t live without. One doesn’t attain perfect health and wellness by living on road food, fast food, or no food. Full time Christian ministry has in fact been a way of life nonetheless for national speaker and noted singer, songwriter Chris Padgett. For over nine years Chris has traveled all over the country sharing the Gospel through the medium of music and words as the lead singer of Scarecrow and Tinmen. No one ever said that it would be an easy life, but when called he responded despite circumstantial obstacles and temporary inconveniences. It hasn’t been a breeze, but it is a most fulfilling response from a heart that has been generously fulfilled by a Father’s love.
Chris Padgett has been married for over fourteen years. He has seven children. Go and make disciples has been a Scripture taken to heart for the Padgett home.
This calling to share the good news of who Jesus is and what He has done for us is taking new shape for Chris Padgett, as avenues continue to open for speaking, writing, and musical encouragement on a regular basis. Young and old alike are finding a sense of connection in the appropriate message Chris conveys, which is a message of hope and encouragement, despite the circumstances of this world. It is a message of consistency and stability amidst the chaos and insecurities of our society. It is also a message applicable for today and not subject to trends and fads. It is, in fact a message of continued intimacy with Christ as we all continue on this journey into the Father’s arms.
If you have a upcoming event, or simply want to create an opportunity for people to be encouraged in their walk with Christ, Chris Padgett is eager to be a part of the ministry God is doing in your area. Very down to earth and clearly open to new opportunities, you will find his message relevant, his attitude encouraging, and his personality uplifting. Thanks so much for your interest in the ministry God has called Chris Padgett into, and we trust that the event will be a tremendous success, by the grace of God.