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Chris Palser

Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
Band Rock Alternative


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"Chris Palser hasn’t been Left Behind"

Former Prince George resident Chris Palser has not put together the all-too-common simplistic acoustic album a lot of solo musicians seem to start with these days. Instead, he has produced a full rock album, complete with a full complement of backup instruments. The question is, does Palser really rock, or is he going to be left behind? His first album may be called Left Behind, but Palser is certainly up to speed so far.

The classic-style electric rock riffs start flying over solid, simple chord progressions right from the beginning. Second track Tell Me Why is loaded with both high and low guitar rounds winding in and out of each other. He also goes acoustic early on just to prove he can with title track Left Behind. An electric guitar comes along later, but he sticks to his guns and keeps his subtler acoustic line going all the while.

Some of his most interesting work, however, is when he combines the two: Your Way Home starts with a slow electric guitar riff, adding acoustic in later as the song begins to pick up speed.

He continues to mix the two throughout the song with some of his most soaring vocals thrown into the mix for good measure. His classic-rock tinted songwriting is one of his greatest strengths, and songs like Your Way Home take full advantage. Say what you will about newcomer Chris Palser, but he certainly hasn’t been Left Behind yet.

By Josh Hammerstedt - PG This Week - Prince George Citizen


Our music has been played on more than a dozen commercial and college radio stations. Our first video "Left Behind" has had heavy play on Vancouver cable. We have had 20,000 song downloads off our website to people around the world.



One day you're sitting on your couch channel surfing, the next day you're moving all your worldly possessions into your van. If you don’t like your life, wait ten minutes, its likely to change on you. Sometimes for the better, but mostly for the worst. “Left Behind” started out as therapy. A means of working through the disappointment, betrayal and heart ache. A futile search for answers. Time does heal, and music is a great way to spend the time in the meantime. The 3-piece power trio that is Chris Palser is a fusion project, fusing the old with the new. An eclectic mix of influences has produced a unique sound of song driven Rock. This band is fate. We are here, and we aren’t going anywhere. This is certain to be a life long collaboration. Like us, don’t like us, its not about you, its all about US!