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"Parish is one to Watch!"

"Chris Parish's music does not disappoint. Poppy upbeats and down to earth rock leaves you with a smile on your face, and a great tune in your head. Chris combines incredible songwriting with a great live show - he has an amazing stage presence, and hits the vocal notes live as well as he puts the tracks down in the studio. This is one artist to watch in the coming years!"

-Krystal Seidel, Assistant Program Director, KTAI FM 91.1, Kingsville, TX

- KTAI FM 91.1, Kingsville, TX

"Parish is a Breath of Fresh Air!"

"In today's modern music society, Chris Parish is a breath of fresh air. While experimenting with different types of music, he manages to stays strong with his rock and roll roots. The response to his songs on our airwaves has been overwhelming."

-Roger Lee, KTUH 90.3FM Honolulu, 91.3FM North Shore

- KTUH 90.3 and 91.3

"Parish Getting a Remarkable Response!"

“Chris Parish’s music is a blend of driving rhythms and fresh lyrics. No wonder Parish has been getting such a remarkable response from KHZ Radio listeners.”

-Carolyn Fox, host of the syndicated show “KHZ Radio with Carolyn Fox”

- KHZ Radio with Carolyn Fox

"Parish Songs Transcend Time!"

"Chris Parish's songs transcend time, offering thoughtful lyrics and imagery layered over driving guitars and a raw, stripped down arrangement. His album Late Bloomer is a diverse mix of tempo and energy. You get a true sense of Chris' spirit and point of view with each track that highlights his ability to connect with an audience and deliver a relevant message without taking himself too seriously. Truly great tunes."

-Sam Teplitsky, Founder, Cyrus Grape Entertainment
- Cyrus Grape Entertainment

"Ladies Love the Boy Next Door!"

The Boy Next Door
By Donna DeDario

Chris Parish wants to fill the world with silly love songs. What’s wrong with that?

Not a thing- especially if it makes the ladies swoon for him. A quick glance at his myspace Web page, or a scan of the crowd at one of his live shows says it all. Chicks dig him.

And why shouldn’t they? He is charmingly self-deprecating and disarmingly charismatic. His humor is contagious and his matter-of-fact mannerisms are refreshing. As a singer/songwriter, his music is much of the same.

He proclaims to me across from his cheese quesadilla and bottle of Miller Lite, “I can’t sing.”

I mean, I can hold my own,” he quickly adds. “The rock songs, the acoustic songs – I’m proud of how far I’ve come. But I’ll know I’ve made it when I can really belt out ‘Photograph’ by Def Leppard. Especially if I’m sporting those Joe Elliot’s jeans. You know the ones?”

His first full-length album, Late Bloomer, a collection of pop-40 friendly, straight up rock songs, will drop on March 21. It will be available on iTunes, Napster, Rhapsody, all the major online retailers, and in stores such as Amoeba, Tower and Virgin in a handful of cities throughout the country. He plays shows around Hollywood on a regular basis, but has also taken his music to such places as Boston, Detroit, Chicago, Texas and even England.

After sitting down with Chris and just shooting the shit for a couple of hours, his manager contacted me to do her “thing” and send over his bio. I opened it with disinterest, expecting another overblown, highly exaggerated piece of worthless fluff. But the opening line spoke volumes about Chris and his music – “I sucked for at least eight years.” And that one simple line illustrates his courage and his honesty, which is captured in his soul-baring music.

He has that rare quality of understanding who he is and what he does best, and that is the secret to his sound. It took him some time, beginning to play music at the ripe age of 17, but he has found where he fits in within the world of music.

“I’m very lyrically driven, but this new album rocks pretty hard, I think,” he says. “At the same time, I’m always going to have a little bit of the old school folk crooner in me – Neil Diamond, James Taylor. My father used to play that stuff for me when I was little, and it stuck. Every now and then when I’m searching for the perfect lyric, I think, ‘Now how would John Denver throw this down?’”

True to his analysis, Late Bloomer is a collection of occasionally furious, always melodic basic rock. The songs soar with enthusiasm and honesty, and that is what makes it original. There’s no noise for the sake of noise, no speed for the sake of speed. He puts together well-crafted songs that will stay with you all day long.

“The number one comment I get from fans is that they love the lyrics, the stories I tell. They relate on a personal level,” Parish continues. “It feels great to hear that, because sometimes it takes me a few shots at it to figure out what the hell I’m trying to say. And it has to be the truth for me. I grew up watching guys like Eddie Vedder and Paul Westerberg, and the emotion they delivered to the audience left us hanging on every word…that’s what I’m going for. They truly felt every word that came out of their mouths.”

Chris moved to Hollywood in 2001 to try to take advantage of the musical opportunities here, but as you can tell by now, he’s not your typical scenester. After growing up in suburban Detroit, he says he’ll always have a little “small town” in him.

“I would love to live in the middle of nowhere in Canada and just watch hockey for a while.”

And with that, it’s time for Chris to leave. A couple of 20-ish girls at the table next to us have been checking out his boyish good looks all afternoon, so when he gets up he smiles and says, “Now you girls enjoy your afternoon.”

Did I mention that the ladies love him?

- Campus Circle


"Lost Her In Wyoming" -- 2004 EP
"Late Bloomer" -- 2006 LP
"Kid Crochet" - January 2009



"I sucked for at least eight years," admits Chris Parish. "But when you love something, you just keep trying, because it's all you know how to do. You end up with an original sound, because when you started you weren't good enough to sound like anyone else."

Sucking no longer, The Chris Parish Band is preparing to release its new album, "Kid Crochet", in January 2009. Produced by Todd Beauchamp (Dave Yaden, Leland Grant) and Micah Plissner (Glitterbomb Records), "Crochet" is the much-anticipated follow-up to Chris' 2006's "Late Bloomer", and features performances by Dave Yaden (Josh Kelley, Tony Lucca, Charles Kelley), Curtis Peoples (Tyler Hilton, Keaton Simons), Trey Parker (E.Y.C.), and Leland Grant.

"This is the first time I've written an entire album with my band as opposed to coming in with the songs and just teaching parts," says Chris. "The guys are all amazing writers and musicians in their own right, and these songs just jump out of the speakers."

Indeed, Brian "Magic Hands" Matteson (drums), Bobbo Byrnes (lead guitar, pedal steel), and Elliot Hilton (bass) help create a collection of songs that toe the line between rock and Americana while always maintaining a reflection of the artists themselves: honest.

"Paul Westerberg once said that every word he wrote had to relate to him, as a rule," Chris continues. "We take the same approach. We're no good at posturing anyway; it's a wonder we've been able to keep day jobs this long."

The long musical journey of singer-songwriter Chris Parish begins as an aspiring musician just outside Detroit, MI. The burgeoning local music scene allowed Chris exposure to a wide variety of musical styles - rock, folk, Americana - and he eventually made his way to Los Angeles and brought those styles with him. His first effort, the 2004 EP Lost Her In Wyoming, was followed closely by a collaboration with The Humble Brothers, during which he co-wrote two songs for the soundtrack to the popular video game "Sims 2", which has sold over 4 million copies.

"Lost was the beginning - my first take as a solo artist, losing the security of being in a band, getting used to doing exactly what I'd always wanted. Then to turn around and churn out a straight pop song that I knew millions of people were going to hear - what a trip," said Chris.

In 2007, the band made a strong push to expand beyond Los Angeles. In February and March "Late Bloomer" charted in the Top 20 in 15 different collegiate markets across the Midwest, South, and East Coast. In June, they experienced their career highlight so far - opening for Reckless Kelly at a sold out show in Hollywood.

"It was insane," Chris says. "Reckless is one of my favorite bands, and their fans love music. I loved that I only tripped over the microphone cable twice."

The interest obtained by the RK show allowed the guys the opportunity to play a series of shows in Texas in July 2008.

"The response in that area has been overwhelming," says Chris. "It's an area of the country that still takes its love of music and live shows seriously, and we felt really welcome and accepted. Texas fans love a band that's willing to go up onstage and put on a great show, and it really validates what we're trying to do."

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