Chris Parreira

Chris Parreira

 Eureka, California, USA



Look Away

Written By: Chris Parreira

Look Away
By Chris Parreira
March - November 2007

Winding with my head bowed down, and I just look away
Smelling the sweet heat of the summer, I just look away
She smiles to the south at me, but I just look away
I turn and smile back, but then I walk away

Some people say the heart reacts in different ways
Some people fall in love at first, but then they break away
I don’t know what mine will do, but I’ll find out someday

I tell the truth when I tell you this, I had it good ‘round here
So don’t be cruel and don’t you cry, and don’t you fear
Because when we go off on our own I’ll always hold you dear


Written By: Chris Parreira

By Chris Parreira
May 2008

You say it's hard where you call home
Where all your thought dreams implode
You hallucinate from lack of sleep
Your fingers don't earn their keep

But sometimes that’s the best that you can do
Cuz being lonesome is up to you

You play my heart like it’s a toy
Like it’s a yo-yo and I’m just a boy
But you were there by all accounts
Drinking wine in copious amounts

But you look at me like you don’t have a clue
That being lonesome is up to you

You speak to me like a solo choir
The store entrance is on fire
The exits don’t exist
I can’t see through this eclipse

You make it hard for a man to pay his dues
Cuz being lonesome is up to you

You say that leaving is not a crime
You just pick daisies to pass the time
But I feel your words are growing old
They’re quite abundant but never bold

Being in love goes hand in hand with being blue
And being lonesome is up to you

Before You Go (Gallup)

Written By: Chris Parreira

By Chris Parreira
October 2008

Hey mister I'm from a little town, just north of nowhere
I sell cowboy boots and mojo suits and womens underwear
could you tell me what brings you all this way
could you really be so desperate for a place to play
I was young once too but that was long ago
Could you sing just one more song to me before you go

Hey mister I'm from a broken town on a southwest interstate
I'm leaving to go to school next year and I tell you I can't wait
You seem to know your way on the road, you sure have got around
I wish that I had stories too but I've barely left town
I will find my home some day, but where I just don't know
Could you sing just one more song to me before you go

The wind rips right though this town like a ghost on the loose
No one admits this is where they're from, everyone's just passing though
I'm doing the best I can but I'm at the end of my rope
If I can't make it here then leaving is my only hope

Hey mister I'm from a desperate town on Route 66
I'm saving all my money but some things money just don't fix
But you've got to make the best of things so matter where you are
I'll be leaving the day that Billy's home from the war
I know it doesn't look like much but it's the only home I've known
Could you sing just one more song to me before you go


Before You Go (2009)
First Full Length Album
(Available on

1. No Such Thing as Silence
2. The More Nights
3. Nevada Air
4. Before You Go (Gallup)
5. Chasing a Muse
6. Lonesome
7. Can't Help Myself
8. Songs I Used to Know
9. When That Will Be
10. John Doe
11. About Time
12. Look Away


Chasing a Muse EP (2008)
(Available on

1. Love Song Blues
2. Chasing a Muse
3. Crow Street Bar
4. John Doe
5. I Don't Miss You
6. Love Apple Soup
7. The Cards
8. Look Away

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