Chris Peters

Chris Peters

 Concord, New Hampshire, USA

Great Songs!!, that you'll want stuck in your head, combined with an energetic and upbeat live show. And honestly, I'm the best singer that I know :)


New England weather can be pretty unpredictable. One minute it can be a sunny day, and the next minute your getting pelted by rain. This is one way to describe my music. The spectrum of my songs can start out warm and sentimental, before morphing into a swirl of edgy guitars and melodic vocals.

As a performer with fifteen years of stage experience, my music continues to evolve and mature with each performance and each passing year. Gritty bars, rock clubs and coffeehouses have all left their tattoo on my psyche. I still get excited whenever I pick up my guitar. You never know when a new song may shake out of it. As the world of music changes, I continue to search for my place within it, and my own personal connection to the people who are listening.

Career Highlights:
• Opening act for the following Music Legends:
Rick Derringer
Jeff “Skunk” Baxter
Barry Goudreau
Fran Sheehan
James Montgomery
Charlie Farren
Mike Mangini
Roger Earl
John Cafferty
Peter Tork



2009 - "Octobersons" - A 10 yr compilation featuring new material and live tracks (

2005 - "All the More Know" -
The single "Song for the Road" is currently streaming on Radio Goldenflash - Belgium

2003 - "Do You Hear What I Hear Too?" -
Christmas Compilation

2001 - "Paint the Town October" (

1999 - "Sessions" - EP - (

Set List

I exclusively play original music (when I can get away with it). When the audience is demanding a little something else though, I have a huge repertoire of cover tunes ranging from Classic Rock to 80's - 90's and beyond. I should have all bases covered there.