Chris Pieri

Chris Pieri

 San Diego, California, USA


Thirteen, chubby, and with braces, Chris Pieri struggled to find his place in this world. He couldn’t find where he fit in, though he could learn how to play a guitar and that’s exactly what he did. Nine years later he is still his own person and has grown to be an amazing musician, and it all started with that simple desire to find love and, of course, his older brother’s old Fender Stratocaster. The guitar had rusted old strings and a cloud of doubt surrounding it. No one believed that Chris would actually follow through and learn to play, but his father made him a promise; that if he would spend time learning to play, he would in turn buy Chris new strings. He played every day for almost three months straight to convince his father, and he’s still playing to this very day.

When he was sixteen and down on his luck Chris wrote his first song, he had been playing the guitar for three years and had never thought to open his mouth in between sessions. He wrote and sang a simple song, simple yet beautiful, about life day in and day out. The song made him feel better so he started writing more and more. From this simple beginning, he explored his writing. Simple to elaborate, cute to eloquent, naughty and fun to heartfelt and serious. Growing older Chris moved out, got a girlfriend, and wrote his first love song. Three months later he wrote his first break up song. He let life teach and guide his music, but also found inspiration in a variety of bands such as Coldplay, The Beatles, and Maroon Five.

Currently, Chris is student in San Francisco, where he continues to hone his craft as a performer. He works every day to improve himself, and continues working on new material. He embraces every opportunity to perform, and is always looking for new ways to grow.