Chris Po

Chris Po

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If you're tired of hearing great production matched with mediocre writing, or the predictable sex, money, and drug talk in rap, look no further! This is for you!


Born in Mt. Vernon, NY in 1986, Chris Po had soul. Uptown played a major role in the development of Hip Hop culture; and Hip Hop culture played a huge role in the development of Chris Po. He was blessed to be able to connect with some of the pioneers such as St. Nick Entertainment, which helped Pete Rock and C.L. Smooth get their success, and many other underground artists. He got a lot of brotherly advice coming from "Money Earning" Mt. Vernon, but even more spiritual advice from his family. Over the years, he wrote countless rhymes, and tore down showcases and open mics, sharing the stage with artists such as Serious Jones, and Ness. He was featured in the 2007 BET Blaze the Stage and performed in well-known New York clubs like the X Bar. His latest performance was at Mannafest 2009, in Bethlehem PA. Chris Po is also a producer, and has been featured on several mix-tapes hosted by Dj's such as Dj Envy and Dj Bedtyme. Over time, spiritual growth brought more substance and meaning to Chris' lyrics. He is featured on the Invisible Children Compilation album, with proceeds going to children in Uganda. Chris is focused on being a bright light, in the dark world of Hip Hop. He is unashamed of the Gospel of Jesus Christ, and it reflects in his work. His style of music offers an alternative for todays youth , and gives them encouragement, correction, and of course entertainment.


"Real Life" - Single 2010

Invisible Children - Compilaton 2009

"Breathe" - Single 2008

Potency is Deadly - Mixtape 2007

Street Scholar - Mixtape 2006