Chris Rawlyck

Chris Rawlyck


Once described as "the Pablo Picasso of the guitar", Chris' guitar playing is an expression of artistic freedom, while his songwriting is built on the same premise. Defying musical borders with ornate guitar work, and strong sweeping vocals, his music is best described as ultimately creative.


The combination of Alice in Chains, Joni Mitchell, Neil Young, Led Zeppelin and Pink Floyd is self-described as eclectic soul music. Eclectic soul, as it crosses many musical borders - everything from country, blues, jazz, folk, rock and heavy metal is interwoven and explored. Chris has studied at great length and detail each of these genres, with a diploma in music performance from Grant Mac Ewan in Edmonton.
Teaching guitar in Calgary, Chris freelances for up-and-coming artists; acoustic venues; bars; church sevices; and weddings.


Chris and Carla Rawlyck "ONE" EP
Citizen X "Livin' today" C.D.

Set List

Sets range from a 1 hour set to 3- 45 minute sets consisting of covers and originals. Covers include: Neil Young, Pink Floyd, The Doors , Jimi Hendrix, Led Zeppelin, Bob Marley et al......