Chris Rayder

Chris Rayder


I would discribe my music as soul-stirring and inspirational. I want my music to solely give all the honor and glory to the One who deserves it - my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.


My music career professionally began in college when I had the opportunity to perform concerts throughout the world. Favorite cities where I performed were Belo Horizonte (Brazil), Prague (The Czech Republic), and Vienna (Austria).

Performance doors started opening to Broadway, but the roles that came my way were an affront to Christ. Although the possible fortune and fame thrown my way tempted me, the Lord protected this sinner from myself and I looked at other ways to use my talent. The opportunity to combine my gifts in music and theater with a newly discovered ability of writing allowed me to author the plays "Haven's Hope" and "Secret Heir." This exciting avenue allowed me to meet and work with some of the biggest names in musical theater. However, the comerciality of Broadway tried to change the themes and tone of my work, so again my Heavenly Father kept me from tarnishing my testimony.

Evaluating my life and career the Lord challenged me and made clear that all I do "it shouldn't be about me." This new revelation led me to form Siloam Eyes Ministries. Combining my own record label with the assistance of Daywind Music Group, I recorded my debut album "Even in Shadow." The reason for the title "Even in Shadow," is no matter how dark this world gets there is always the presence of light - that Light is Jesus. Each day with the news and current events, it feels like the world's crashing down around us. It might seem as if we're living in "the end times," but we can always find peace from knowing that Christ loves us, protects us, and in Him only there is hope.


Even In Shadow

Written By: Chris Rayder

A while back a boy at 8
confessed his need for the Savior,
but in time with the pressures from this world fell. Living for the season, with selfish reason. Realizing now the prodigal can still come home.

It doesn't matter where you come from or where you've been. All that matters that you change your heart. At the crossroads of life as you break to your knees, Christ is all you need and you can rest in His arms.

A rich girl on the hill. Having all she ever wanted year to year thinking all was fine. Until her own girl, became sick and losing time. Mom set aside her wealth to be rich in Christ.

A young man grew up on the street, without love or guidance. Turned to drugs and support of a gang. Now in a cage, for erasing five, justice for sin, but has new life because he's born again.

Even in shadow, as black as night
there is a hope of a path
Even in shadow, we can find light
for Jesus paid the debt on our behalf

Until You

Written By: Chris Rayder

I was lost and I was lonely, wanting more than this life. Being battered everything shattered. A victim of too many lies. And no matter how I tried, nothing ever satisfied.

Until You, I was already defeated
Until You, I was far from completed
These chains that kept me bound,
was lost but now I'm found - because of You
Until You, I was a compass needing direction
Until You, at an impass yearning connection
this stirring in my soul, was broken now I'm whole - because of You
I was without any hope - Until You

Some use science and excuses to contend your just a crutch
Through illusion and substitution
pretending emptiness counts for much. Only one conclusion's true, a life of purpose is found in You

A New Kind of Pride

Written By: Chris Rayder

In the past I turned history's page
quest to learn what seemed a distant age, just to comprehend
I guess it's easy to forget the wage
Paid to defend our heritage and what it meant to be American

Now there's a calling out - a calling out. Let freedom still wave above that rubble grave cause we have survived. While hearts were shaken, souls awaken - a new kind of pride

Can't count the tears, for too many cried. The day evil controlled our skies. When innocence died. What our country has been through. make these colors inspire you the Red, White, and Blue.

In the face of uncertain danger, such bravery on show. As stranger helped stranger they redefined the word - hero. Recall the fear we felt inside to view our flag with different eyes. Give all to God let Him guide us to a new kind of pride.


Album - "Even in Shadow"
(Siloam Eyes Ministries 2007)

With Original Songs
Even in Shadow
New Kind of Pride
Until You.

Set List

Concert is about 15 songs & approxiately 90 minutes

I Will Lift My Eyes
Even in Shadow (4:01)
Cry Out to Jesus (4:44)
I Cannot Hide From You
Still Here Waiting (3:58)
What If? (4:44)
Until You (3:28)
A Chasing of the Wind/
Why Do We Live Without Jesus
In Christ Alone (3:48)
Mercy Said No (4:40)
Your Grace Still Amazes Me
Still The Cross (5:02)
Shadow of Your Cross
Give Me Jesus (3:52)