Chris Reddy

Chris Reddy


With styles ranging from Adult contemporary to alternative folk rock, jazz fusion inspired instrumentals or pop with a nod to British invasion stylings, Chris Reddy brings new genre crossing music to the scene. Adept on several instruments, his solo recordings keep reviewers guessing with each CD.


Having played lead guitar with the progressive rock band Transit since 1977, Chris Reddy broke out on his own in the late 90's with a series of solo recordings which received excellent reviews. Info Junkie delivered an assortment of instrumental songs with Reddy playing every instrument. The result was a mix of music which in some instances was compared to old late 70's Jeff Beck to modern day Chemical Bros type material. The CD Sonification delivered a more vocal solo effort with 16 songs ranging from Todd Rundgren influenced pop to more intricate instrumental and rock influenced songs. The album Drinking Songs for the Working Stiff showcased the humor and love for modern day alternative with heavy influences coming from British bands XTC, The The, and even a punk flare on the cover All for me Grog. The difference in seeing Chris Reddy live is his ability to loop on the fly and create incredible acoustical soundscapes involving multiple guitar parts and vocals. A big influence has been Keller Williams and Adrian Legg. Chris's guitar playing and songwriting have been recognized for years in the central Ma area and he has opened for Dave Mason, Gary Hoey, Johnny A among others. Chris also continues to play lead guitar for Transit and a side fusion band called Sonic Sway. Always a guitarist first, Chris is comfortable playing all styles from blues to bluegrass, jazz fusion to rockabilly.


With Transit -
Transit - self titled 1986
Silent Movies 1994
End of the Line 1997
Info Junkie -2000
Sonification - 2004
Drinking Songs for the Working Stiff - 2006

Set List

Set lists vary every night depending on the gig.
A typical solo gig is 3 (1) hour+ sets with songs covering every genre of music, covers and originals utilizing on the fly looping using a Boss phrase sampler. Covers range from classics by Johnny Cash and Dylan to arrangements of The Smiths, Radiohead, Death Cab for Cutie, and even Beck.
Blues sets are usually thrown in sometime during an evening when appropriate with tunes varying from Howlin Wolf and Albert Collins to modern day Johnny Lang and SRV. Instrumental acoustic and electric tunes are also included in the mix.