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Falling Apart

Written By: Chris Russell

As the twilight breaks grey and you're heading home
I want you to know that I want you to stay
And come in from the cold and say at the end
That we've always been friends but it seems that you stole
A little piece of my heart and kept it with you
Now I'm coming unglued and I'm falling apart

So find one you might save as they stumble and fall
But still through it all beautiful and brave
And I figure you'll find that you didn't need me
Soon you will see that you're never outshined
And you'll always stand tall and do as you should
If I thought I could then I'd save you all

As the firelight fades and we stumble home
I want you to know that I think we're great
I think we're grand never outdone
Sing for the sun and you'll understand
If you follow you're heart with all of your love
Then it's always enough when you're falling apart