Chris Sanders

Chris Sanders


Cutting edge guitarist at the top of his game. Possibly the fastest guitarist ever, and the songs to back it up!


Chris Sanders is currently on tour with Lizzy Borden. Playing along side Lizzy Borden, they have recieved the highest reviews. The current U.S. and European tours are in promotion of the new album, "Appointment with Death!" Summer festivals included Sweden Rock Festival; 30,000 screaming fans, and the Bang Your Head Festival in Germany to a sell out crowd of 17,000. When Chris is in between tours, he is teaching lessons, working as a session player, and is currently recording 2 solo albums.

Chris has been held to the high standard of what a killer lead player is today. Steep in the classical tradition, delivering melody, harmony, extreme speed and clarity! Chris established himself as an elite guitarist.

As a solo artist, Chris is credited as having performed as special guest to, Quiet Riot, George Lynch of Dokken, Metal Church, OverKill, Three Inches of Blood, Death Angel, and High On Fire, just to name a few. Being a highly respected sit in player, Chris has preformed live and sat in with several bands and or members of including; Yngwie Malmsteen, WASP, London, Quiet Riot, XYZ, Angel, Hardline, Bang Tango, L.A. Guns, and Odin among many others. Chris has also done several TV appearances as well as solo performances for charitable causes.

Classic tracks from Lizzy Borden such as "Master of Disguise," and "There Will Be Blood" will be played in the set for this upcoming tour! The other tracks posted all started as improv, (a great exercise to practice scales) and have turned into instrumentals that Chris performs solo, he also teaches them as technique studies.

Stay Metal!