Chris Saub

Chris Saub


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"Best unsigned aritst in Omaha!" S. Johnson Lulu Productions.

1. February 2007, KXVO Artist of the Week.
2. January 2007, MTV 2 On the Rise Campaign, voted NUMBER ONE band in Omaha.
3. January 2007, Selected to Perform at the Omaha Entertainment Awards at Holland Performing Arts Center
4. November 2006, Nominated by public vote, Top 5 Band in Omaha for the Omaha Entertainment Awards
5. Fall of 2005, voted Top 5 band by Wait Radio Officials in the Contest to Open for Bon Jovi, took 2nd place.
6. Spring of 2005, regional finalist for the Reality TV series Rockstar INXS

Full Album Releases:
1. December 14, 2006, Chris Saub- Aero Regalla
2. June 1, 2006, Chris Saub Trio- Hummingbird Flies Laissez Faire
3. June 2005, Chris Saub- Sparing Dramas in Tiny Spaces, solo acoustic
4. April 2005, Chris Saub Band- Holding on to Venus

Here’s what other people have to say about Chris and “Aero Regalla” his latest CD…

- Cami Carlisle, Morning Show producer, Glennboy and Glo show, Star 104.5 - KSRZ FM, Omaha
"Aero Regalla" is Chris Saub's finest work to date. He reaches unbelievable heights with this solid collection of songs. Every tune is a show stopper and you will have a hard time deciding which song to have stuck in your head. I vote for "Mediocre" or "Ask me to Love You." If you don't own "Aero Regalla," run, don't walk to your nearest record store. Chris Saub is definitely the next big thing.”

– Todd and Tyler of the Todd N Tyler Radio Empire
“This CD is exactly like Led Zeppelin 4 meets the Urban Cowboy Soundtrack, except completely different. Aero Regalla is a great band name, but what kind of CD title is ‘Chris Saub?’ What does THAT mean? No, seriously, Chris Saub is an incredible artist and is always welcome in our studio anytime. This new disc is great. Check it out.”

- Pat and JT in the Morning, KQKQ – Q985, Omaha
“….once again, Chris Saub delivers with his new CD “Aero Regalla”. All we can say is, we love this guy, love to have him on the show and love being able to help spread the word about his great sound and talent!”

- Rob Jenkins, The Reader, Omaha
“Groovy, well-structured pop tempered with smart lyrics is what has made this Omaha trio a local fav.”

-Michael Campbell, Mick’s Music & Bar Omaha
“A meticulously clean guitarist with a pure yet haunting voice. Serious musicianship with a bright, irresistably approachable stage presence. Groove-based, structured pop and intelligent lyrics Chris Saub is respected by musicians and audience alike. Omaha-based CS has it all. Definitely for fans of polished music, or great hair.”

-Ian Simmons of Omaha City Weekly, Aero Regalla Review, Feb 15th 2007
“Chris Saub’s new release, “Aero Regalla,” is a multifaceted effort that showcases the singer-songwriter’s considerable talents and explores several genres with varying degrees of success. Overall, the album is quite solid. The highlight of the disc is definitely “Ask Me to Love You,”… a gorgeous track worthy of VH1 or perhaps a Hollywood soundtrack.”



Written By: Chris Saub

Been a long time, been a long time
Since I’ve done anything
That anyone would think
Anyone would think
That’s special
Everyone’s a snitch
Everyone’s a pitch to sell
Sell your soul
Caught in a race a little road rage of life
Racing to anywhere, but

I don’t want to be mediocre
Going no where
Like a steam train bound for no where
I don’t want to be mediocre
Going no where
I don’t want to be

Enemy’s approaching fast,
I can feel it, I can feel it
Voices take my choice
I’m in love again
I could never win
Won’t you let me in, just a little
Over take my soul
I want to be something bigger

I love, and I lost your ring
Never be once or twice on this side

Whole Again

Written By: Chris Saub

“Open love,” say it for me
Feel the shore under my skin
Trembling, it’s gotta be

Gaze ashore, like none I’ve ever seen
Feelings yearn, all up inside of me
Takes a hold, suddenly

Daybreaks, send forth the light of day
Let the sunrise light the way

Feels like I am walking over
Feels like I am whole again
Feels like I am crossing over
Feels like I am whole again

Steep to climb, beauty offering
Vast the seas across that hinder me
Hold my love, I’m coming free

“Open love,” say it for me
Feel the shore under my skin
Tangle me, it’s gotta be

Open to it, the lights and a way
Open, I feel home, love lights the way
It’s gotta be, all the lights and a way

Over, I am, all I see
Open, I am whole again
All the lights and a way
Over, I am, all I see
Open, I am whole again
And the lights and a way

Radiate, send forth the light of day
The sunrise lights and it…

Ask Me To Love You

Written By: Chris Saub

Seven years
Or has it been seven days
Hoping to hear
What your lips just don’t seem to say
A doorway to heaven
When your smile comes my way

So be unto others
The light in yourself, away

A full moon of angels
Play a dance round your face
Hoping to see
The reflection that they’ve made
For your eyes tell their stories
Of mystery and romance

So be unto others
Charmed by your grace
When the party’s all over
It’s just you and me

Ask me to love you
My heart’s in your soul, said I
Ask me to love you
And I’ll say
If you ask me to love you
I’m already yours tonight
Ask me to love you
And I’ll say I do

I’ve lost several hours
But oh I’ve gained some days
One gentle glance from your hand
Takes me up to St. Peter’s gate
For a dance in the night skies
Would be vain if you weren’t in place

So be unto others
Alive in your grace
When the party’s all over
It’s just you and me

I don’t want another love
I don’t want another romance

The light of the full moon spins around
And lights up your face


Chris Saub, "Aero Regalla," December 14th of 2006. Singles: Mediocre, I think I Like it, Whole Again, Ask me to Love You

Chris Saub Trio, "Hummingbird Flies Laissez Faire," June 1st of 2006. Singles: Come and I'll See the Light, Sweetest Conversation and I Saw Daisy

Chris Saub Solo-Acoustic album, "Sparing Dramas in Tiny Spaces," June of 2005. Singles: I Couldn't Love Like That

Chris Saub Band, "Holding on to Venus," April of 2005. Singles: I Saw Daisy, Freakshow and Killer

Set List

Songs from “Aero Regalla” include:

On and On
Unnatural High
Mister Niceguy
Playful Divinity
I Think I Like it
Outside Inside Me
Happen to Wait
Whole Again
Reelin’ it In
Ask me to Love You

Songs from “Hummingbird flies Laissez Faire” include:

Come and I’ll See the Light
Sweetest Conversation
I Saw Daisy
Please Make me Feel

Songs from “Holding on to Venus” include:


Our 100 song cover list ranges from Frank Sinatra to Dave Matthews and James Taylor to Goo Goo Dolls.

John Mayer: No Such Thing, Wonderland, Georgia, Neon, Daughters

Sting: Message in a Bottle, Fragile, It’s Probably Me, Seven Days, She’s Too Good

Stevie Wonder: Gotta Be

Goo Goo Dolls: Slide, Iris, Black Balloon, Broadway

Gavin DeGraw: Chariot, I Don’t Wanna Be