Chris Scamehorn

Chris Scamehorn


Take a little rock and roll it up in a grungy sock. Then take off the sock and clean it with some soap and water. Do this repeatedly until you gain Enlightenment.


I am a ceramic artist/ musician that loves playing and writing songs. I make my instruments as well. I believe that art visual art and music can be as one.


when you awoke you realized that you were the living god made manifest

Written By: Chris Scamehorn

Details, all alone for me, Decebuary fix all around me.
All you see, everything comes easier,
And you know the same for me, all alone for me.
Easier, dreaming on the sea, all alone for me.
All alone for me.

Cumbersome, Artificial numb
Calculate the waves within awakening.
Wondering, voyager at sea
Pondering the scene that saturates infinity.

Redeploy the artificial boy
The Sacrificial toy until the ending of our time. Astrological dust with its polyphonic fuzz. Ritualistic buzz with everything that ever was.

Holy wars are often sacred sores.
We always ask for more as if the end will compromise.
Sterilize, retreat within the prize.
See behind disguises that we hide within our lives. Awake.


-1st album- 2004- Various
-2nd album- 2007- I Like It Now

Set List

I usually do one set only cause I play the open mic scene. Usually around 30-45 minutes, but get me going and I'm like George Bush taking over countries. I just cant stop!!