chris schoen

chris schoen


bees making honey in the afternoon


Since 1998 Chris has been playing and composing theatrical music in Chicago, with Theater Oobleck, The Magpies, and Teatro Circo Moderno, most recently playing harmonica, banjo and mandolin in Theater Oobleck's Natural History, a 3D cantestoria based on the work of that name by Pliny the Elder.

Heraclitus is Chris's second Discobolus release, following the spooky & intimate This Vegetable Universe from 2002 (now out-of-print). Heraclitus includes some of the songs from that release, recorded in new session in Questa this July, and produced by Dave Costanza of Art of Flying, mixed with atmospheric samples and four never-before-heard songs.


This Vegetable Universe, 2002
Heraclitus, 2005