Chris Schutz and the Tourists

Chris Schutz and the Tourists


Chris Schutz and the Tourists are a Philadelphia-based group that combines folk, jazz, rock, and country to form their own brand of "confessional Americana". Songwriter Chris Schutz draws on his Midwest upbringing to explore the fine line between high times and low roads.


Songwriter and lead singer Chris Schutz grew up haunting the blues dives and biker bars of Kansas City, MO. As a member of rock group K-Floor, he shared the stage with artists such as James Brown, Johhny Winter, John Mayall, and Bob Weir, toured extensively, worked with producer Shelley Yakkus (John Lennon, Tom Petty, Don Henley) and released several albums for the Treasure label. Schutz formed the Tourists in 2005 with a who's-who of Philly musicians- songwriter Steph Hayes (Good Problems, Slo-Mo, Stargazer Lily, Cory) Jay Davidson (Steve Winwood, Rolling Stones, Bonnie Raitt) Chris Maute (Gravy, Solid) Erik Johnson (Huffamoose, The Fractals) and Eric Hoyer.
"The Tourists are a vehicle for stories. I want to talk about the people that haunt the train stations and laudromats, the characters of my childhood years- of lives lived under the radar, under the rainbow. I also aim to tell my own story; of all the strange and absurdly beautiful folks I've met and things I've seen along the way; to use music as a mirror, a candle and a knife"
- Chris Schutz


The Stowaway EP (Evil Twin, 2006)
Full-length debut, Poison Oak, slated for 2007 release- mixed by Grammy award-winning producer Phil Nicolo (John Lennon, Billy Joel)

Set List

Our typical set is between 45-60 minutes. We have enough material for 3 sets or more with the odd cover song. We don't do many covers, but have been known to play the occasional Dylan (simple Twist of Fate, Don't Think Twice) or Beatles (Golden Slumbers)
Here are some of the songs in my current performance rotation:

White Lady
Conitinental Drifter
So High
Devil (Take This Bottle)
Great White Goodnight
On and On
It's Killing Me
I Know That Shit Ain't Right
New Best Friend
The Bit Fantastic
Raytown Cemetary Road
Cold War
West Philly Stars
Jet Stream
Today, It's Love
Shadow on a White Wall
Leading You On