chris speight

chris speight


I aim to be a commercial songwriter and am now looking for a publishing/management deal. I have decided to concentrate on this aspect of creativity after spending years enjoying playing live gigs and radio. I can write in many styles and always try to write tuneful and commercial songs.


Definately more of a songwriter than a singer, most of my songs are thankfully sung by other artists. I am really open minded musicaly and like everything from the ramones to johnny cash. I like to write commercial, tuneful songs and often colaberate with my older brother Steve who also
plays a mean guitar.


Cry, Cry

Written By: chris speight

I cry about you....

Did I hear your voice ?
on a distant wind
or was the rain, fallling down
losing you cuts like a knife
and dark shadows fall,
across my life
when I think of yesterday
and how we let love,
just slip away I,

Cry Cry about you
I want my arms around you
Cry Cry without you
oh I Cry, Cry Cry

My skies are always grey
and it's been winter,
since you walked away
the ony one to mean so much
now I can't live without your
tender touch I

Cry, Cry about you
I want my arms around you
cry cry without you
oh I Cry, Cry, Cry

I miss you baby
I really miss you

Cry, Cry about you
I want my arms around you
Cry Cry without you
oh I Cry, Cry, Cry

ad libs.
I want you here with me
I want you back now

Mystery Ride

Written By: Chris Speight/Steve Speight

Mystery Ride

Drive me through these small
towns baby
I can feel these chrome wheels racing
Turning through this lonely purple night
A hard ride when the road gets shaky
We saw our chance
We had to take it
Reaching out, for the other side
On a mystery ride

Love should be
A mystery ride

Rolling on thunder
Your taking me under
Hold me close, let the world pass by
We're heading for danger
Riding out with a stranger
I'm searching for a green light baby in your eyes

Mystery Ride

Love should be
A mystery ride

(mid 8)
Living in this small town baby
I was lost, my dreams were fading
Needed love to come into my life

When you tak to me
I can see my way
Rescue me we've got be
Together tonight

I see the green light, baby in your eyes
Big wheels turn, through the purple night
The dark road road is waiting
Tommorow we're chasing
Riding High, leave the world behind
On a high

Love shoud be
A mystery ride

Mystery Ride

(ad libs)
Rolling on thunder
Taking us up so high


Various bits including a minor hit for Leeds
United! We are Leeds-The Crew which out sold
madonna for 4 week in Leeds. Impressive eh-not really. Got loads of airplay though. I have had sessions on radio 1 (John Peel) and local radio.

Set List

Not playing live at the moment, tragically.