Chris Strand and the Sinners

Chris Strand and the Sinners

 Austin, Texas, USA

If you blended observant Americana with nostalgia for the energy of basement shows and smeared the mix across a love poem to jazz, you may have an idea of what Chris Strand creates. Now supported by a band, Chris Strand and the Sinners transform each performance into a journey, one that drives audiences to nod, dance, and contemplate what it means to be in this world.


Emerging from a Midwestern tundra and the drizzle of the Pacific Northwest, Chris Strand now writes songs about living and all it entails. Borrowing from songwriters ranging from early Bob Dylan and The Tallest Man on Earth to Tom Waits, David Bazan, and The National, his music is often described as poetic yet energetic and subtly technical. Live, he plays like a man possessed, singing himself raw and losing himself in performances that silence the noisiest of venues.

Having played music throughout his teen years in punk bands, Chris decided to pursue a career in writing and literature after his last band ended. This pursuit let him to Portland, Oregon where a chance meeting brought him back to music and songwriting. After months of instability and debauchery, he left Portland and began a rough year of uncertainly that eventually led him to Austin, TX and inspired the bulk of his debut EP, Roots. Two years later, he released his first full length album, Settle Down, in which he branched out as a songwriter and incorporated lush and driving instrumentation to flesh out his maturing sound. For it, he worked alongside members of such bands as The Heartless Bastards, Lloyd Maines, Robert Earl Keen, The Gourds, Shinyribs, The New Bohemians, and 20/20.

Now, he and his band, The Sinners, are preparing to release their new EP, Tonight's Just Begun. For this album, Chris Strand and the Sinners tracked much of the record live as a unit and expanded their narrative-driven sound to incorporate rock n' roll, soul, and a horn section or two. They plan to release the EP in April and a single in February and March building up to the release of the EP.

Chris Strand currently lives in Austin and plays music solo and with his band, The Sinners, in the surrounding area and has played such rooms as Stubbs (Austin), Mohawk (Austin), Lambert's (Austin), One2One Bar (Austin), Cheatham Street Warehouse (San Marcos), The Living Room (NYC), The Limelight (San Antonio), Neutral Grounds (New Orleans), and Latitude 44 (Sioux Falls) .


Settle Down

Written By: Chris Strand

When I was young, the day burned bright
and the night was far too dark
and the paint peeling from our house
never let us forget times were hard

I didn't understand the cracks in mother's hands
or why I couldn't wake in another town
or how much she struggled to forget St. Joseph
and just say, settle down.

The world I read in college wasn't what I thought it'd be
it was more than what I'd known or ever believed
my faith lies in those books, crushed like a flower
between the weight of its own eulogies

My father always said, I'd regret the life I led
and shudder at a trumpets sound
but the only God I miss doesn't exist
it's the voice that says, settle down.

My sister sits in Minneapolis
and professes what was passed down
not thinking that if Jesus could only see us
he wouldn't claim a crown

When my brother landed in New York,
he could finally love anyone he found
and I hate to say Manhattan was the first place to tell him
breathe easy son, settle down.

Now that I'm older, all I hope to find
is a pen and my feet on the ground
but these thoughts are a fever in my half sober mind
and I write them just to settle down.


Roots EP

Settle Down

Tonight's Just Begun out in April