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New York, NY 10012, USA | Established. Jan 01, 2010 | SELF | AFM

New York, NY 10012, USA | SELF | AFM
Established on Jan, 2010
Solo R&B




"Find Out 'Who Is' Chris Stylez: Video Premiere"

So who is the artist behind “Who Is,” the track whose Kryptogram remix netted more than 50 million plays on Vine and was used in more than 10,000 clips? R&B singer/songwriter/producer Chris Stylez pulls back the curtain with the video premiere for this spare, keyboard-driven viral track.

"To appreciate this record is to open yourself up to uncomfortable conversation,” explains Stylez. “I wanted to keep the minimalistic approach of the music consistent in the visuals. This is about more than the physical aspect of sex; it's about the complex emotions involved."

Coupling Stylez’s enticing vocals with sensual inspiration from D’Angelo and Marvin Gaye, “Who Is” doubles as the title track to the singer’s new EP. Released Feb. 5 (elasme/Backtrack Music), the four-song EP also includes the aspirational “What Are We Waiting For.” That song landed on the Spotify United States Viral 50 chart and the U.K. Viral 10 chart.

Early Stylez devotees were introduced to the Ottawa, Canada native (born Christopher Allen) through BET’s Music Matters initiative. The New York-based artist, who also plays piano and guitar, has opened for Wyclef Jean and Ne-Yo. - Billboard


When the type of music known as rhythm and blues came to be classified that way, and years later stylized as R&B, it was reputed for one thing—evoking emotion. R&B hit listeners with the force that it did for a simple reason; it hit you in the heart because it came from the heart. Now in its current form over five decades later, what gives R&B its staying power is its ability to continue to resonate on a deeper level.

While many claim the genre peaked in the ’90s and that R&B simply isn’t what it used to be, artists such as Chris Stylez are working tirelessly to challenge that notion, while also making the genre that inspired their careers entirely their own.

Stylez, an artist currently bouncing between New York and Los Angeles, is achieving his successes within music by stripping away any insecurities or unnecessary complexities. He’s putting a genuine emphasis on building simply beautiful melodies and expressing himself through lyrical content rooted from a place of sincerity.

After his track “Who Is” found viral success by way of the Vine app, with celebrities and major brands using his track to soundtrack their six-second videos, Stylez’s sound was heard everywhere, but by choice, he remained out of the spotlight while he focused on building his catalog up and working on defining his own sound.

Considering Stylez’s father’s cousin is Jimmy Cliff — currently the only living musician who holds the Order of Merit (the highest honor granted by the Jamaican government in the arts) — and his great uncle is B.B. Seaton, the first reggae artist signed to Virgin Records, music runs deep in Stylez’s veins, which naturally led him to exploring his own talents. Learning how to play the guitar with guidance from none other than Ronnie “Bop” Williams of The Wailers, Stylez gravitated towards the piano, but honed those lessons he learned from the incredibly talented mentor into his songwriting from a young age.

Following the successes of his latest EP, Who Is, Stylez is slowly-but-surely releasing new music as this year unfolds. With his latest release, an ANY|RIOT-produced single titled “Relapse,” he taps into his Jamaican roots, bearing his soul in a song that without a doubt touches on some deeply personal experiences everyone can relate to. “This song is about letting a good thing go, yet being constantly reminded of why you both fell so hard in the first place,” he says of the track.

As he navigates his evolving signature soundscape, what is standing out consistently is the polished, impressive musicianship and raw soul behind each new track, further proving Stylez is in this game for the long run, living and creating with both purpose and passion.

The Source: How do you describe your sound?
Chris Stylez: It’s probably alternative R&B. I don’t know if that’s a thing. I don’t know if it’s traditional R&B but I listen to everything. I listen to rock music, dance music, jazz, classical, so I feel like “alternative” is my way of mashing up whatever I create.

Getting into your message, what do you want people to walk away with once they experience you live or hear your music?
Hopefully I can inspire, which is vague, but as an artist I really truly believe that it’s about moments. For example, when I try out a new song that I haven’t fully finished during a performance, it adds a little humility. People really remember things like that. So for me it’s about moments. I just want to inspire people to feel whatever emotion or feeling they get from that experience whether it’s live or through the music. Hopefully I can leave some impression that can translate to something else for someone else.

Is that where your motivation lies, too?
Absolutely. I meet people and a conversation can spark something for me or I can be on a train and see somebody. Just before I came to meet you, I saw this girl and we both got off the train and we ended up walking down the same street and I told her I liked her outfit and it wasn’t like I was trying to pick her up or anything [Laughs]. I just wanted to say I like your outfit. As an artist I feel like I get away with it because I do and say and feel. It can be bad; it’s sometimes to a fault.

As an R&B singer and a musician, would you say you’re a romantic?
Yes, 100 percent. Funny enough, I have a song called “Danger” that I’m really excited about and in the song I talk about that. It’s basically I’m saying, “Last night I fell in love with a stranger. She’s danger but I’d do it again. Am I the only hopeless romantic who still believes in love at first sight? Or should I focus and be honest with myself. Come on, its just infatuation.” So I play with that type of thing in my music, but I do believe in it too. This is life. We don’t know what is gonna happen, how it’s gonna happen, when it’s gonna happen.

And you live your art?
One hundred percent, yeah I do. I write and create as much as possible. I might not be the dopest pianist or guitarist but it still comes down to the essence of feeling and emotion and all that stuff, because that’s what it is, it’s supposed to evoke emotions. For me, that’s how I communicate it.

How would you describe your creative environment?
Well, there’s two answers for that: the ideal creative environment and then the actual creative environment [laughs]. The actual creative environment is literally my keyboard. I have a laptop, a keyboard, I plug into the software that I use, load up my piano sounds and I can just be in my apartment. As long as I’m in my own zone and no one is around, I can do my thing. I play the music that inspires me or if I have an idea I can really just focus. I’m the kind of person who needs less distractions. I could do a studio session and turn up with a whole bunch of people, but I really like to just zone in. Ideally, it would be in a studio where I turn the lights down low and light some f***ing candles or some s**t – I’m like that.

Does your live band travel with you with shows?
The one person who’s always with me is my co-producer, Dan Smit and I. Together we’re a production team called ANY|RIOT, which is an acronym for A New York Riot. Together we create everything. So for instance, being back in New York I couldn’t bring the musicians I would normally work with in LA. You know how it is, so we’re able to bring in some other people to come and work with us, but Dan is always part of that setup for me, for now, until we have people who stick with what we’re doing. A beautiful part of working with great musicians is that they “get it.” It’s not about them sticking to what the song is in your mind, it’s about letting them add themselves to the creative mix and make the best, most organic music possible.

In regards to how how far you’ve come and where you’re going next, how do you feel?
Honestly, I’m happy. I’m happy because today for example, I’m sitting here talking to someone else who appreciates music and art and stuff like that. And I know where I come from, I know – I don’t forget. I know my life. Somebody asked me something recently… she said ‘oh, did you have a hard life?’ and I guess she was trying to be like, “if you didn’t have a hard life, then you’re not really a true artist.” Which is funny to me, because I’m like what do you mean? What’s a hard life?

Maybe she just felt an emotional connection to your music and felt like it came from a place of overcoming hardship or something.
Right, that makes sense. And I guess my response was like, ‘what do you mean?’ Just because I’m smiling doesn’t mean I haven’t gone through turmoil, or I haven’t dealt with all types of things. All the stuff I write, it comes from me, my life, my experiences. I don’t just make this stuff up.

What are you hoping to accomplish as a musician in this current moment?
I’m simply open to connecting with people who are looking for the same wave that I’m on. The music that I’m into, the vibe that I’m into. I think there’s enough people that really do appreciate and love the same things, it’s just that people may not know about it. So I think for me it’s just about connecting with a newer audience, expanding my audience and having people be like, ‘Oh let me check this guy out’ or having someone hear something and be like, ‘I’m into it, let me just listen.’ You know what I mean? Because I feel that’s the value of it. But that’s it. I understand how it is, you know, I just want people to check it out. I want to meet some new people, make some new friends. - The Source


I’m waiting to meet R&B singer Chris Stylez on West 4th Street in Manhattan. It’s a humid summer evening and an attractive brown-skinned woman is hanging out nearby. Stylez appears: good-looking, in a loose tank, skinny jeans and high-tops, sporting a hipster-ish beard and fade combo. No mistaking him for a bank manager. As I go to greet him, the woman does the same. Stylez and the woman embrace. Finally, they notice me. The woman cuts off her FaceTime conversation, but not before the person on the other line also says hello to Stylez. He seems to know everybody.

Inside a nearby restaurant, over Thai basil noodles with tofu, Stylez gets out his phone and checks on global streamers currently using his song. “Up until recently, I didn’t even realize that I was in the music industry,” he says. “I mean, it’s not like I have a record deal. I did everything on my own, just always trying to be in it.” Stylez is a case study in the kind of musician whose life was impossible a decade ago. Vine, the six-second video-looping app from Twitter, relies on a few stars to bring their followers to the app. Influential tastemakers contribute to playlists; some turn into hits. Often a dance routine gets its start on Vine, with memes following suit. The app’s track record for creating viral sensations would make many traditional entertainment-biz folks jealous. In addition to Stylez’s work, you may have heard of songs like Darwin’s Dessert, I Love Memphis’ Quan and Chedda Da Connect’s Flicka Da Wrist blowing up on Vine in the last 12 months, as Rolling Stone has noted.

Veteran R&B music journalist and founder of David Nathan is enthusiastic about Stylez’s music, comparing his warm tones and “bold sensuality” to Marvin Gaye. He adds, “While Marvin would never have recorded [the lyrics] ‘Who’s gonna fuck you like me,’ he certainly implied it on that album.” Nathan praises Stylez’s “slice of overt sexuality that moves with rhythmic hypnosis with ace production values that harken back to the golden age of old-school soul music.”

Stylez was born as Christopher Allen to Jamaican immigrants living in Ottowa. Their hometown: Montego Bay — “and not the nice part, either,” Stylez says. He studied entertainment-business management in Toronto for two years, concluding he had to leave “before it got really bad.” He’s cryptic. I press him; he says he was “hustling on the streets, doin’ some stuff I shouldn’t have been doing.” Drug dealing, he later confirms via email, which allowed the singer to buy two condos. That money in turn financed his move south to Atlanta.

Family members in the ATL introduced him to local producers, and he earned his way to radio demos. The city was a good choice for Stylez. It had become a musical mecca for Black music since LaFace Records formed there over two decades ago, launching the careers of Outkast, Usher, TLC and countless others. These days, it’s playing host to more contemporary stars, like R&B singer/songwriter Ne-Yo. After a few radio hits, Stylez landed a spot opening at Ne-Yo’s show, accompanying him to New York as part of the star’s entourage. The trip allowed Stylez to make connections and learn the business. But Stylez took a detour home to finish school before heading to LA, where he crashed on a British producer’s couch. Since then, he’s struck unlikely gold: After meeting young Georgian (as in the country) artist Bera Ivanishvili, Stylez has begun self-financing his career. “Bera’s father is a well-respected and wealthy man,” is Stylez’s explanation — an understatement, as Bera is the son of former Georgian Prime Minister Bidzina Ivanishvili. (A spokesperson confirmed the relationship.) Stylez charmed his way into the world leader’s heart, vocal producing for the then-15-year-old albino singer, whom Stylez recalls as sporting long blond braids and a “bunch of diamonds.” It’s a lucrative gig, he says.

Though a capable keyboard player in his own right, Stylez has been working with engineer/producer Dan Smith since 2010. Smith, who also works in digital promotion at Ultra Records and was pivotal in Stylez’s Vine exposure, knows what type of tracks jive with Stylez’s smooth and soulful voice. “Vocally, he might not like me saying this, but I’ve always seen him as a male Aaliyah, with that same breathy, vibey style,” Smith says. Stylez, sitting next to him, interjects: “I love Aaliyah! That’s a huge compliment.” - Ozy

"A-Sides with Jon Chattman: Embrace the “Fresh” Sounds of Chris Stylez"

“Fresh.” It was a word we all used to death in the 1980s, and it’s time for us to bring it back. Too many things from that decade have been branded as “cheesy” or “over-the-top” but that word resonates and should’ve never gone out of style. I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again - “fresh” needs to be in vernacular on the daily. Using the word “epic” a few years ago quickly jumped the shark. “Fresh” is forever.

Anyway, that brings me to two very fresh artists today. Chris Stylez is first up. If the Kardashians “broke the Internet” (they didn’t), an argue can be made this R&B singer broke Vine The musician has netted over 50 million Vine loops based off original tracks he released on the interwebs. Countless brands - from Teen Vogue to the Denver Broncos - drank his Kool-Aid and make up a cunk of said loops. But, the artist is more than short video soundtracks. A true original, whose songs have taken flight throughout the globe (like literally), is currently out promoting his Who Is EP. At the Music Conservatory of Westchester last month, he played a track and sat down for a fresh chat. Watch the videos -filmed by Alye Carlevero - below. - Huffington Post

"HEAR THIS: Chris Stylez “Relapse” PREMIERE"

Vine Star Taps Into His Jamaican Roots

Chris Stylez set Vine on fire last year as his X-rated Kryptogram remix of “Who Is” racked up over 50 million plays. A relative of Jimmy Cliff on his father’s side, Chris’s musical journey includes being mentored by Wailers guitarist Ronnie ‘Bop’ Williams while living in Toronto. Today Boomshots proudly premieres “Relapse,” a dancehall-infused soul cut produced by ANY|RIOT—consider it a musical tip of the cap to Stylez’ Jamaican roots and heritage. “This song is about letting a good thing go,” says the NYC-based singer, “yet being constantly reminded of why you both fall so hard in the first place.” Audio After The Jump… - Boomshots

"Chris Stylez Reveals New Track 'Night Shift'"

As another day draws to a close, this is the perfect time to wind down and delve in to the psyche of Chris Stylez.

We’ve had our eyes firmly fixed on the New York native for a little while now (see: Friday Finds 005) and can’t be more excited to exclusively premiere the latest track from his ‘Who Is’ EP, the aptly titled ‘Night Shift’.

The track follows on from the release of the ‘Who Is’ title track back in March.

Speaking to us exclusively, Chris said: “I’m a hustler. Always in motion. I’m never one to lead you astray, but this record is that late night cruise music, for anyone putting in that work, while the rest sleep – get yours!” -

"New Music: Chris Stylez - Night Shift"

Been checkin’ for this dude since “High on Love” (still one of my favorite R&B joints to come out of the city [Toronto] – shouts to 2Rude and Quinn Mayback too).

That one’s actually kinda hard to find these days but since then, Chris Stylez has definitely been doing his thing.

The latest push kicks off with “Night Shift”. Get caught up on his SoundCloud too. -

"Who Is"

I’m blessed to be friends with so many talented individuals because they inspire me to achieve great feats. Furthermore, their offerings provide great original content that is shared with you all through this blog.

The homie Chris Stylez dropped a sonic gem two months ago titled “Who Is” and unfortunately I was just able to experience it’s smoothness (pause). Hey, better late than never. Awesome music never goes sour anyway!

The sultry single serves as the ultimate soundtrack for those late-night summer booty calls. -

"Event Recap & Photos: Soul Factory Featuring Bobby V., Chris Stylez at Drom in NYC 8/24/13"

Last Saturday in NYC, Soul Factory and You Know I Got Soul partnered to present a special edition of the monthly R&B establishment at Drom featuring Soul Train Award-winning artist Bobby V.

The romantic, dimly lit venue was packed full of couples and friends out to enjoy their Saturday evening. A live band crafted the atmosphere with an organic up-tempo positive energy, reminiscent of an intimate jam session.

The sweet and sassy host Jodine Dorce took the stage, welcoming the audience to the longstanding R&B showcase. Her confident yet approachable demeanor enhanced the open setting where music fans can freely express and enjoy themselves.

Chris Stylez opened the stage with a rendition of the classic R&B song ‘Anniversary’. His strong, full textural tone validated his artist resume of performing on such respected stages as BET’s Music Matters and ’106 & Park’. He then took the set to another level interacting with a female audience member who swayed along with him in a red satin dress. -

"Chris Stylez Wants To Be The Next 'Superstar'"

Rising R&B crooner Chris Stylez is looking to help usher in the spring summer feeling of this season with his soulful new Jimi Kendrix-produced single, "Superstar."

Serving as the lead single and title track to his forthcoming EP, this record is the perfect addition to that playlist that you're building for those beautiful June days that are right around the corner.

Having graced the stage of 106 & Park as a participant of BET's Music Matters campaign, this New York resident has an impressive resume and a smooth voice to back it up.

Chris has the boastful flow of Ryan Leslie and the polished tone of Carl Thomas all wrapped up in one. Give "Superstar" a spin and prepare to support Chris Stylez's forthcoming Superstar EP, which is set to drop later this summer. -

"Chris Stylez - Superstar"

NYC’s BET Music Matters artist Chris Stylez follows up his summer 2013 EP “Dreamer” with another EP called “Superstar,” aptly titled for what he is about to become. Comparisons to D’Angelo and Marvin Gaye are evident on the 5-song set, which is full of grown and sexy vibes.

He demonstrates how a playa from the Himalayas gets his “Pimpin” on in the first track, then samples Ice Cube’s “You Know How We Do It” for the set’s title track “Superstar” for some butter that’ll put a glide in your two-step. The set then rides out on sheer smoothness in “Give It To You” and Can I Live,” the latter including a flow from Stylez to accompany the verses.

Witness why Chris Sylez is claiming the title “Superstar" below, and for your own copy, just click download and name your price!

Read more:
Read more at -

"Breaking Artist Live: Chris Stylez 'Diary Of A Dreamer' [VIDEO]"

Check out the break on up-and-coming Canadian singer/rapper Chris Stylez with a short bio and intro titled “Diary of a Dreamer!”

The video takes you behind-the-scenes, as he performs LIVE with Melanie Fiona and Eric Roberson on the track “Who Is!” Chris Stylez brings a fresh take on D’angelo sound while spitting soul like Marvin Gaye! He already performed alongside mega-star Ne-Yo and took the BET “106 & Park” crowd off their feet performing live as part of the Music Matters campaign!

S/O to Heavy Hitter’s own @GlobalVitoHH! Be on the look out for Chris Stylez debut album (coming soon), and meanwhile check out Chris Stylez “Superstar” EP directly below! -

"Chris Stylez"

Ottawa native Chris Stylez has been writing and singing music since he was a child. Stylez earned his triple threat status by creating melodies on his Yamaha keyboard and learning how to play the guitar under the mentorship of Ronnie “Bop” Williams of the legendary reggae band The Wailers. (Chris also knows his way around a production studio.)

In 2008, he recorded his first single, “Fade Away” which garnered national and international airplay; in 2010 he relocated to NYC and released a second single, “Official” while he continues working on his debut album. -


Who Is
Chris Stylez / Dan Smith

Night Shift
Chris Stylez / Dan Smith 



R&B artist Chris Stylez is a fresh, unique voice whose rapid success in the music world has been thus far unstoppable.

A multi-talented singer, songwriter and musician; Chris Stylez has amassed over 50 million loops on Vine, hit Spotify Viral Charts in 15 countries with his previous release – WHO IS, and is steadily becoming one the most exciting new artists piercing the music scene, with a polished tone reminiscent of a Voodoo-era D’Angelo, and the legendary soul sensation Marvin Gaye.

This EP’s instantaneous popularity is no fluke; its immense reputation can be entirely attributed to its quality. The four sensuous, memorable songs show Chris’s roots in reggae, R&B, and rap, yet are guided to new landscapes through his deft hand in contemporary production. The tracks are in no way shy of their overt sexuality, and yet are presented in such luscious and enticing restraint that the listener is left wanting more. "To appreciate this record is to open yourself up to uncomfortable conversation,” Stylez explains. “I wanted to keep the minimalistic approach of the music consistent in the visuals. This is about more than the physical aspect of sex; it's about the complex emotions involved."

Chris is having no problem stealing the spotlight with his latest EP, largely due to his endless list of accomplishments in the more invisible roles of the music scene. He has previously toured the world singing background vocals, and his songs have been sold to numerous artists throughout the United States and Europe. However, after his extremely successful debut on BET’s “Music Matters” campaign, Chris decided it was time to place his music in his own very capable hands. He opened as a solo artist for both Ne-Yo and Wycleaf Jean, and recently completed an exclusive international Soho House tour, performing live in Los Angeles, Chicago, New York, and Toronto in 2016.

Chris Stylez, né Allen, is of both Jamaican and Canadian decent, and is bilingual in French and English. He has always been heavily influenced by reggae, particularly from his father’s first cousin, Jimmy Cliff, and his granduncle, B.B. Seaton, who was the first reggae artist to be signed to Virgin Records. Chris studied Entertainment Business Management at the Toronto Film School. He now lives and works bicoastally in the United States with a strong base in both New York and Los Angeles.

The recently released dancehall-infused RELAPSE is produced by ANY|RIOT, and a quick tap to the Jamaican roots and heritage of Chris Stylez. “Both Reggae and Dancehall music have always been huge influences on me as an artist. It’s soulful, and rebellious – this is me”, says the east coast crooner, who calls NYC home.

“Relapse" and more from Chris Stylez is available on Spotify, Soundcloud, and at

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