Chrissy Murderbot

Chrissy Murderbot

 Chicago, Illinois, USA

“Chrissy Murderbot is about to be kind of a big deal.” — The Onion AV Club
“a virtual walking encyclopedia of the last 30 years of dance music” — XLR8R
“If anyone shows the world that dance music truly is in a state of permanent and wonderful flux right now, it’s Chrissy Murderbot.” — RCRD LBL


Chris Shively aka Chrissy Murderbot is a Chicago-based DJ, producer, and purveyor of stupid party music. He’s the man behind the sleazy house label Sleazetone Records, the hard-hitting juke label Loose Squares, the now-legendary jungle label Dead Homies Recordings, and mixtape blog My Year of Mixtapes. As if that weren’t enough, he also makes disco and house under the name chris e. pants.

Since getting started as a DJ in 1995, he’s played in over 20 countries, and done official remixes for Star Slinger & Teki Latex, Theophilus London, Far East Movement, Machinedrum, Lemonade, Mark Stewart, Warrior Queen, Hostage, CZR, Waxmaster, Ward 21, Zuzuka Poderosa, Top Billin, and others.

Chrissy’s new CD, Greatest Hits *****, is out now on Murder Channel Records. Check his previous releases on Planet Mu, Hyperboloid Records, Halocyan, and Loose Squares.


"All Right" (Hyperboloid, 2013)
"Greatest Hits *****" (MurderChannel, 2013)
"Lover 2" (Pseudogeddon, 2012)
"Doggy Style" b/w "Pass It Around", 12" Single (Sleazetone Records, 2012)
“Bionic Penguin” b/w “Friendship”, 12” single (Halo Cyan Records, 2012)
"Fuzzy" (Electronic Exlporations, 2012)
I'm a Asshole EP, 12” single (Loose Squares, 2011)
Women’s Studies, 2LP / CD, (Planet Mu, 2011)
Bussin Down EP, 12” single (Planet Mu, 2011)
"Sleazetone Party Trax #1" (12" & digi-EP, Sleazetone Records, 2010)
"Sleazetone Party Trax #2" (digi-EP, Sleazetone Records, 2010)
"WHINE U Remixes" (digi-EP, WIDE Records, 2010)
"Thighs Remixes" (digi-EP, WIDE Records, 2009)
"Chrissy Murderbot" (2LP/CD/digi-LP, Sleazetone Records, 2009)
"The Ace of Fades Vol. 1" (digi-EP, WIDE Records, 2009)
"The Ace of Fades Vol. 2" (digi-EP, WIDE Records, 2009)
"Man-Sized Safe EP" (digi-EP, Sleazetone Records, 2009)
"Dead Homies Happy Trax" (digi-EP, Dead Homies, 2009)
"Tremor Dub" b/w "Crowd" (12" & digi-single, Dead Homies, 2009)
"Shower Together" (included on "Street Bass Anthems 3" comp, CD & digi-LP, Seclusiasis, 2008)
"Ruff In The Bunny Fizness" (digi-LP, Dead Homies, 2007)
"My Streets EP" (12" & digi-EP, Dead Homies, 2007)
"Dead Homies Anthem" (7" single, Clash Records, 2006)
"Onlyworld" b/w "Purple Skunk" (12" & digi-single, Dead Homies, 2005)
"vs." (12" single, Dead Homies, 2005)
"Fi You" b/w "Twilight Zone" (12" single, Mashit, 2005)
"Inferno" (12" Single, Bananas, 2005)

Remix Work:
Bones & Money - "Black Diamond" (TuffWax, 2013)
Rx - "I'm a Beast" (HotMom USA, 2013)
Star Slinger & Teki Latex - "Ladies In The Back" (Jet Jam, 2013)
Zuzuka Poderosa - "Psicodelia" (Little Owl, 2013)
ASC - "Karma" (Halo Cyan, 2013)
Mark Stewart - "Stereotype" (Future Noise, 2012)
Lenkemz & Dialect - "Murder Micz" (Senseless, 2012)
Johnny Moog - "Dope Love" (Palms Out Sounds, 2012)
Machinedrum - "Now U Know Tha Deal 4 Real" (Planet Mu, 2012)
Machinedrum - "U Don't Survive" (Planet Mu, 2012)
Miles Bonny - "We" (InnateSounds, 2012)
Theophilus London - "I Stand Alone" (Sony Music, 2012)
Top Billin & MC Zulu - "Check The Frequency" (Top Billin, 2012)
Daniel Haaksman - "Jesus" (Man Recordings, 2012)
Nate Mars - "Above & Beyond Dem" (Dubspot, 2011)
James Braun - "ER" (Sleazetone, 2011)
Tvyks - "Mitte Riddim" (Meanbucket, 2011)
Hakan Lidbo - "The Regression Session" (Tigerbass, 2011)
Waxmaster - "Hit The Flo" (Ghettophiles, 2011)
To Live & Shave In L.A. - "The Grief That Shrieked To Multiply" (Monotype, 2011)
Trustus feat. Joee Irwin - "Just Call Me You" (Trustus, 2011)
Johnny Moog - "Dope Love" (Palms Out Sounds, 2010)
Lemonade - "Remain in Jah" (True Panther Sounds, 2010)
Delorean - "Real Love" (True Panther Sounds, 2010)
Larytta - "Tous Mes Amis" (Creaked, 2010)
Hanuman - "Bola" (Sleazetone Records, 2010)
Noise Floor Crew - "How To Ruin A Train" (Dust Traxx, 2010)
Norrit - "Now Jack Swung" (Think 2wice, 2010)
Hostage - "Valhalla" (Nightshifters, 2009)
Bobby Braun - "Brian" (Sleazetone Records, 2009)
Crunc Tesla - "Fire Walk With Us" (Dead Homies, 2009)
Ssion - "Ah Ma" (Sleazetone Records, 2009)
Ssion - "Street Jizz" (Sleazetone Records, 2009)
Ssion - "Clown" (Sleazetone Records, 2008)
DJ C & MC Zulu - "Bodywork" (Mashit, 2008)
Professor Murder - "Cameron's New Color" (RCRD LBL, 2008)
Starkey - "Pins" (Dead Homies, 2007)
Jacky Murda feat. Ward 21 - "Ganja Fi Legal" (Dead Homies, 2006)

Set List

DJ Sets range from 60 minutes to 4 hours (based on your preference) and contain a wide range of material.