Chrissy  Roberts

Chrissy Roberts


Chrissy Roberts is a NY metro area based singer songwriter. A typical night of songs include both covers and originals, all of which are soothing and beautiful and feature Chrissy and Greg's unique picking style that you are not likely to find too often.


Chrissy Roberts is a singer songwriter presently living in Jersey City, NJ. After teaching herself the guitar (and a lot of Indigo Girls and Simon and Garfunkel songs) she began performing about 10 years ago. Playing songs written by other people naturally transitioned into a desire to write some of her own and the CD “Patchwork” was born in 2003. Melodic and soothing, these songs are written from a deeply personal perspective as Chrissy explores issues of the heart and soul.
While Chrissy works on a 2nd CD and continues to write new songs, she continues her performances at coffeehouse and winery type venues in the tri-state area. Most recently she performed at a venue in the Brennan Courthouse in Jersey City NJ, opening for the awesome folk trio Red Molly. Headliner performances have included the Warwick Valley Winery where a 3 hour set allows lots of time for a combination of popular and eclectic covers (by artists such as Norah Jones and Lucy Kaplanski) along with originals.
Check out Chrissy’s myspace page ( to hear some songs and find out where she is performing next.



Written By: Chrissy Roberts


I’ll wait for you
When love tears you down
I’ll wait for you
When hope makes no sound
Twilight holds promise
The light moves inside
Just hold my hand tonight

When fate jumps its course
And the map isn’t made
When you find you’ve lost yourself

Cry on my shoulder
Let me hold this weight
Throw stones at my window
To jolt me awake

Cause tonight
The world doesn’t’ matter now
For all of its sadness
And all you believe
Please take my hand now
Please let me hold you

Look into my eyes
On this cool lit night
And feel the fire within me
Because I’ve been hurt too
But tonight its only you
To feel this desire
Is magic its magic

Oh tonight
The world doesn’t matter now
For all of its sadness
And all you believe
Please take my hand now
Please let me hold you



Set List

Set 1

What am I to you Norah Jones
White Flag Dido
You can Have my Heart Lucy Kaplansky
Make Believe Chrissy Roberts
Beak in the Cup David Wilcox
Autumn Leaves Eva Cassidy
Don’t Let me Fall Chrissy Roberts
Caramel Suzanne Vega

Set 2

Don’t Know Why Norah Jones
Blackbird The Beatles
Mandolin Rain Bruce Hornsby
Those Sweet Words Norah Jones
Solitude Chrissy Roberts
I’m Gone Allison Krauss
I will remember you Sarah McLachlan
The Nearness of you Jazz standard-Norah Jones
Hands Jewel

Set 3

The Boxer Simon and Garfunkel
Fields of Gold Sting (Eva Cassidy version)
Somewhere over the Rainbow Eva Cassidy version
Waterfall Chrissy Roberts
Landslide Fleetwood Mac
In Your Eyes Peter Gabriel (Jeffrey Gaines version)
Songbird Fleetwood Mac (Eva Cassidy version)
Sunny Came Home Shawn Colvin

Additional songs I often play:
Ironic Alanis Morissette
Gallileo Indigo Girls
Torn Natalie Imb