Christa Gniadek

Christa Gniadek

 Boston, Massachusetts, USA

Christa Gniadek is an acoustic singer-songwriter who uses her voice and guitar, though the most common of instruments, to ring with a true distinction, as does her stage presence. Both soothing and enjoining, her melodies and lyrics will have you singing along.


CHRISTA GNIADEK is a prolifically talented singer-songwriter, performer, and businesswoman—all at 21 years old.

A multi-instrumentalist, Gniadek trained in classical piano at the precocious age of __ for nearly decade before becoming a self-taught guitarist at 17. By then, her songwriting career had already begun. She credits her rush of ambition, security, and creativity to personal events that would never be apparent in such a young, fresh face: a near-death experience, failed relationships, and the confinement of an all-girls Catholic school system, in a similarly confining small town.

Through the voice of her life, Gniadek's songs are spellbinding in their unique blend of raw emotion and witty humor.

Her soul-baring recordings are stripped pure to acoustic guitar and dream-like vocals, still aptly ringing with true distinction. Gniadek has the robust, velvety vocals like that of Norah Jones, but with the folk-pop elements of Anna Nalick and the quirky poeticism of Ingrid Michaelson. Her minimalist musical style and clever lyricism is unexpected even in someone mature beyond her years.

Gniadek sings with an honest self-assuredness of a girl finding her way, that is both charming and relevant.

A self-produced artist, Gniadek started her own music publishing company, Maiden Brain Music Productions (, in the summer of 2009. To date, she has released an EP, Alone or Lying (2009), a full-length album, No One's Dolly (2010), and a two-track single, Hello June (2010), as well as a recently released second-full length album, Get Me (2011). All of her albums have been written, performed, and produced solely by her, in all aspects beginning from pen and paper to CDs and MP3s. Gniadek is also pursuing her passion as a full-time student at the renowned Berklee College of Music in Boston.

At first glance, CHRISTA GNIADEK seems like another pretty face with a guitar, but behind that also lies poignancy, grace, and tenaciously driven character, relatable at any age that everyone can appreciate and love.


Without You

Written By: Christa Gniadek

Last time you held my head I was a child
It's older now, today holds thoughts of you
Remember when we'd laugh out by the water
Just two daughters but not sinless through and through

It's safe to say that we've always been different
Since copying is dangerous to do
At times I felt that I had lost my best friend
Once I found you well forgiveness found me too

You're far but you hear me
Kicking your door with my feet
I'm begging please
Don't make me be without you
Don't make me be without you

Others musn't bring me down unjustly
My eyes are wide, come teach me something new
To be near you I was once less than lovely
Thanks for taking that chance oh that time I grew

How did we once so enjoy pretending
Like those haircuts and the clothes once in our rooms
I know your words could leave me sad and broken
Against your own blood you might battle with the truth


I can feel your hands, your skin, your heartbeat
I have seen every version of you
I will always be there when you need me
Sister, won't you be here for me too


Like You Do

Written By: Christa Gniadek

Love was in the air, you had me breathe in
Wore your heart on your sleeve then started changing
Like you do, oh you do, you do

How do you live with a shoulder so cold
You gave it again and it's getting so old
Like you do, oh you do, you do

I won't let you go
Darling it's for sure
No one's got me more
So won't you let this stop
Got my fingers crossed
And my heart unlocked

Put me in place where I'll stay in line
From there I can't guess when you wear that disguise
Like you do, oh you do, you do

Stand in my way I may stand to lose
Then fumble with words you so carefully choose
Like you do, oh you do, you do


If I'm hurt well, I don't think you mind
I try to heal, you try to cut me down to size
I'm free to leave, I feel confined, well
Tell me what this means
If you could be so kind


I got, I got my fingers crossed and my heart unlocked

Lonely Girl

Written By: Christa Gniadek

If anybody's gonna get me,
It better be soon
If anybody's gonna love me,
It better be you
If anybody needs a hand,
I got one to hold
Oh 'cause I'm a lonely, a lonely girl

We can pretend it's my birthday
When we go out to dine
To that new little cafe
I still haven't tried
And we can share the creme brulee
With chocolate curls, oh
But still I'm a lonely, a lonely girl

And oh it may be a bit contradictory
These two sides to my story
See, there are other things besides dancing
That get me moving my feet
But I will have to pick up speed and run
If I want someone
To really have a chance to chase me down

We'll stay in on rainy mondays
While everyone's at work
And laugh while hearing "message erased"
'Til our stomachs hurt
And I wouldn't trade it all
For a yard of pearls
Oh but still I'm a lonely, a lonely girl


Then you'll hate me 'cause I'm messy
And never get to sleep
Your friends will tell you that I'm bossy
They see you once a week
And that thing forever beautiful
Turns so fickle
You'll leave me a lonely,
Ornery girl

I might be a lonely, a lonely girl


Alone or Lying EP (March 2009)
No One's Dolly (January 2010)
Hello June (July 2010)
Get Me (September 2011)