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Christal Campbell

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With an abundance of strong melodies, skillfully crafted lyrics and a voice that soars, Christal Campbell continues to add to her faithful audience whenever she performs. Her work has been described as smart, sexy, and deeply moving.


Although she grew up in a family of musicians and artists, Christal never anticipated a career as a musician herself. All that changed one day while rummaging through an old storage shed. She unearthed a dusty stack of record albums and a record player and began to see music in a whole new light. Bob Dylan's Blood on the Tracks, Joni Mitchell's Court and Spark, Jesse Colin Young's Song for Juli, Cat Steven's Tea for the Tillerman and the Beatles' White Album were a revelation.

She began teaching herself to play guitar, launching what is now a body of work that includes over 60 original songs. From the bluesy, libido driven "Beggin' for More" to the heart rending cry for "Revolution" to the whimsical "Kiss Me" it's hard to deny the diversity and strength of her repertoire. Her memorable, heartfelt melodies and deeply personal lyrics beg the listener to sing along. Christal Campbell is a songwriter, singer and guitarist devoted to her craft. The result is an intoxicating cocktail of folk, rock and blues with a twist of jazz and country which draws on influences as diverse as The White Stripes, Carole King, Van Morrison and Johnny Cash.

Christal grew up in the small coastal town of Ocean Park, Washington which has actually been penned "the end of the world" and was home-schooled until Jr. High. After her brief stint at public school she returned home to complete high school in one year, graduating at the age of 15 and leaving home to live on her own. She took odd jobs and played music to make ends meet. At 18 she headed south to Los Angeles with a few bucks in her pocket and her car. This might seem a little crazy to many, but only natural to those who know her well. Playing venues throughout the city and recording in the studio keeps her busy but she still makes time for her first love: writing new music.


Beggin' For More

Written By: Christal Campbell

Ooh babe you hit the right spot
I like the bad boys that leave me squealing Daddy don't stop
I need you hot blooded man to help me even the score
I ain't asking for much I'm just beggin' for more

The way you play me, the way you string me along
You know your sweet talkin' ways will get you just what you want
I gotta tell you, baby, that's what I'm here for
I ain't asking for much I'm just beggin' for more

No, no, no don't say you love me, honey
When we both know you'll soon be gone again
I got the fever now, but I can see the heartache coming
It's a fight I can't win...
Between a woman who knows better and the touch of your skin

It's like the thunder, like the wind and the rain,
You're mine for the moment, but you're no one's to claim
So baby thrill me like you've thrilled me before
I ain't asking for much I'm just beggin' for more

Time after time, it's the same old tune
You're showing up late and leaving too soon
Just one last thing before you head for the door
I ain't asking for much I'm just beggin' for more

Socks for Mending

Written By: Christal Campbell

Hearts were made for breaking darlin'
So they say as they harden their hearts and
Protect what's left of those home-made dreams
A garden for tending, socks for mending
What care I for such pedestrian things
Playing lovers like these guitar strings
Show me the highway, the highway is home
For sweet little me on the big open road

We all live with this human condition
So quick to talk, but so slow to listen
So I'll get rid of this needle and thread
I'm gonna trade mending fences
For my own independence
I'm done swimming in this sea of emotion
Now I'm a sailor searching for the right ocean
Pack it in, I'm a heavy load
Sweet little me on the big open road

And I'd give anything for those sweet summer nights
Drifting in my little winnebago
Let the moon come up and read me my rights
And then take me away on this fine highway tonight...

I'm done swimming in this sea of emotion
Now I'm a sailor searching for the right ocean
Until the day that love rocks my boat
It's sweet little me on the big open road

To the Moon & Back

Written By: Christal Campbell

Beneath this starry sky there is a small house on a hill
It ain't a lot, it's all we got, but to me it's beautiful
To hold you in my arms and see your smiling face each day
Oh how I love to be the pillow where you lay.

Loving you is what's pure and true
Growing older together,
Holding on for worse or for better
Through all the tears and laughs
I will love you forever, to the moon and back.

Seasons come and seasons go, but that starry sky remains
And even though the winds may blow some things will never change
When you're sleeping in my arms and the whole world melts away
I could conquer any army as long as you have faith in me.

Loving you is what's good and true
Growing older together,
Holding on for worse or for better
Whether we fly or we fall flat
I will love you forever, to the moon and back.

Kiss Me

Written By: Christal Campbell

There's just no way I could say everything tonight
I can't explain, it's my brain, the words don't come out right
Wonderful, marvelous, fabulous, fine
There ain't no good reason, ain't no good rhyme
All I know is you are flesh and blood just like me
So kiss me, kiss me, kiss me

Love's been hard, I'm not smart when it comes to matters of the heart
Been a fool, been afraid, been undone by the price I've paid
Magical, powerful, painful and cruel
It's enough to make a girl throw out the rules
All I know is you have been there too, but not with me
So kiss me, kiss me, kiss me

This night is almost over
And there's no where else on earth I'd rather be, dear
My heart is pounding, you come closer
And I'm feeling like a kitten up a tree.

I just can't wait, anticipating those lips that knock me dead
Want to touch, feel too much, and get lost in your big bed
Charming, handsome, sinfully sweet
You're enough to sweep a girl right off her...
All I know is sweeping sounds like lots of fun to me
So kiss me, kiss me, kiss me


Work in Progress EP 2007

Set List

Beggin' For More
Born Yesterday
Better Off Alone
Crash on the Levy (Dylan cover)
To the Moon and Back
Kiss Me
When the Lights are Low
Socks for Mending
Wanted Woman