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Christa West


"Christa West's NOTHING IS NOT ENOUGH is the kind of superb debut that few songwriters create, much less ever record. West crafts dreamy pop jazz with a voice that will remind you of Natalie Merchant... strong independence emerge[s] lyrically, sparking a connection to Jewel." Performing Songwriter


Christa grew up in a small Pacific Northwest town near Seattle. After she finished school, Christa spent some time figuring out what she wanted to do with her life and became serious about being a singer/songwriter. She briefly tried the Seattle scene, ultimately deciding to move to New York City. In New York, she played her own music at regular gigs around the city and sang back up for two different bands (recording with one of them). Christa then moved to Los Angeles where she concentrated on writing and playing out with her band (Guitar: Shea Welsh-Mya/Britney Spears/Daryl Swann, Acoustic Bass: Larry Steen-Flora Purim/Sandro Albert/Larry Steen World Jazz Ensemble, and Drums: Dave Karasony-The Rippingtons/Pat Benatar/Art Garfunkel). With them and producer Brad Cobb (Rufus Wainwright/Jane's Addiction/Steve Reynolds) she recorded her debut album, Nothing Is Not Enough (now available at and

Christa is excited to see that her songs are getting airplay both nationally and internationally. Within the U.S., her songs have been heard on over 100 indie and college radio stations such as WEFT in the college town Champaign, Illinois where her album landed in the Top 40. Her music has also hit the airwaves throughout Europe. Her singles are getting spins in the U.K., Spain and in Scandinavia where on Sveriges Radio her songs are played alongside such huge acts as Kaiser Chiefs and Crosby, Stills & Nash. Christa's CD has so rapidly gained popularity in Scandinavia, she just signed a distribution deal with Rootsy via Border Music.

As for distribution in the U.S., Starbucks Hear Music is currently considering placing her album within their stores. Thirty-two digital distribution companies, including such names as Apple iTunes, MSN Music, Napster and Sony Connect have all recently picked up singles off her CD to promote and sell.

Besides garnering popularity on air and online, her debut album is also getting fantastic reviews. Her CD was featured as one of Performing Songwriter Magazine's Top 12 indie albums in their November issue citing "Christa West's Nothing Is Not Enough is the kind of superb debut album that so few songwriters create, much less ever record." (PSM vol. 81) International reviews are equally favorable. Two Scandinavian publications, Musik and Sonic Magazine have seperately featured Christa, praising her music and songwriting, "Much...great music heralds from Seattle...One of the more interesting names there is Christa West, with her brilliant new album, Nothing is Not Enough."

Christa's sound can be best summed up as jazz/pop, infused with hints of Norah Jones, The Indigo Girls, and "sparking a connection to Jewel" (PSM vol. 81). Her music is complimented by her lush and comfortingly smooth voice "that makes you want to sing along...reminiscent of early Natalie Merchant" (Collected Sounds Magazine).

A Northwesterner at heart, Christa moved back to Seattle a few months ago and is continuing her music career there.


Just Drive

Written By: Lyrics: Christa West, Music: Christa West and Shea Welsh

I am standing in the road
With nowhere to go
Hoping that you’ll drive by
I’ve been stuck here way too long
Singing the same old songs
And waiting for the night

That you’ll return
Touch me and make me burn

I am waiting
For our escape
We will get away
Leave this place behind
I am waiting
Oh, for your love
For you to pick me up
And just drive
Just drive

I’ve been working at the bar wondering where you are
Wondering where you’ve been
I’ve been working, serving drinks with too much time to think
About when you’ll come again

Gently kiss my face
And save me from this place
I am waiting

Drive and drive
I am waiting

© 2003 Christa West; all rights reserved

Like a Drum

Written By: Lyrics: Christa West, Music: Christa West and Shea Welsh


I have only myself to blame
I shut you out when you came that day
Trouble had surrounded me
And I ignored your pleas to leave

So you stepped back
And gave me space
And let me learn
In my own way

Like a drum
Like a drum
Da dee da da da dum
I know you will always come
I know you will always run
I know you will always
be that someone
Steady like a drum

I told you I don’t need any help
Don’t need anyone else, only myself
And then I find I’m lost again
In over my head and I’m sinking

So you reach in
You reach deep
You pull me up
To my feet

© 2003 Christa West; all rights reserved

Take a Moment

Written By: Lyrics by Christa West; Music by Christa West and Shea Welsh


My boss yelled at me and I took it out on you
Oh traffic sucks and I’m in such a bad mood
All these bills are growing but my paycheck’s not
Money makes us so tense babe, and that’s gotta stop

Responsibilities they pull us apart
The real world left us fumbling in the dark

Let’s take a moment and forget about life for a while
Let’s take a moment and find a reason to smile, yeah

I am sick and tired of us just making do
And I know eventually that we’ll pull through
Obligations weigh, yeah, they hang overhead
But I guess they’re part of life that we must accept

The two of us we work, yeah…we work so hard
But haven’t gotten very far

© 2003 Christa West; all rights reserved


•Debut Album - "Nothing is Not Enough"
•Radio airplay on 100+ stations in U.S. & Europe
•Top 40 album: WEFT Radio, Illinois
•Top 12 Indie Albums-Performing Songwriter Magazine, Nov. ‘04
•Distribution (starting Nov. 2005) throughout Scandinavia
•Singles selected for promotion/sale on 32 digital distribution sites incl. Apple iTunes, MSN Music, Sony Connect
•National/Internat'l online distribution through &

Set List

Just Drive
Make it Last
Far From Home
Slowly Falling
Like a Drum
The One I Love
Take a Moment
What If
Nothing Is Not Enough

Typical single set length: 50 minutes