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Christen J


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Energetic, Eclectic, Insightful... that's C-Thru, the new debut CD from Canadian recording artist Christen J.

Christen's musical aptitude has been evident as far back as kindergarten. Performances in her local church, the Kiwanis Music Festival and her schools performing arts program drove her to approach music industry producers/song writers with her ideas. Starting at age fourteen and gaining invaluable experience working with seasoned professionals in Nashville and Los Angeles, C-Thru is the culmination of two years work, woven between school, music and voice lessons and other responsibilities.

Universal themes of love, loss, betrayal and renewal from a young adults perspective are cornerstones of this collection of upbeat guitar-driven music. I grew up being influenced by artists my dad listened to at my age... Aerosmith, Bryan Adams and Fleetwood Mac. I particularly value the raspy vocal sounds of Rod Stewart and Bryan Adams. In addition to writing and performing, Christen J's future goals include becoming more involved in the management and production side of the music business. We hope you enjoy this first step down that winding road.



Written By: Kevan Cyka, Chris Omartian

Like another day spinning
Nothing new nothing under the sun
When your lightning came striking
And woke me up to my desperation
Now I needed to know say easy come easy go
Or are you showing me some kind of after life

It’s a revelation a revolution
People everywhere have come to one conclusion
What you see is what you get
I don’t mean no disrespect
What you seed is what you sow
It’s a simple ratio

One window one doorway
One path for the feet of your soul
One morning without warning
I came to see another mystery unfold
You can have all the cake but when its’ all you can take
Who’s gonna help you across the other

You're All I Need

Written By: Jeremy Lane

Hold me in your arms I need to feel your touch
I remember all your scars and your undying love
I came to meet you here so you could light my way
With a humble heart I come
Please hear me when I say

Youre all I need
Youre my everything
Youre the breath I breathe
You are why I sing

I wanna look into your eyes and see you face to face
I wanna thank you once again
For your amazing grace

First In Line

Written By: Jim Sells, John Hall, Don Somerville, Christen Rapske

Sitten in a cafe waitin for the sun to rise gonna hit the highway gotta change my life ready for a new day waitin for the light to shine looking for a new way to leave the rest behind


I don't know my destination or what I'm gonna find all I need is
inspiration to get you off my mind destiny's my invitation I'm first in line

Always learn the hard way love is just a waste of time pickin up the pieces made me open my eyes never take a back seat when you got the chance to drive rollin down a new street to a different state of mind my desperation is it my inspiration you know I'm gonna find it I'm always gonna find it my desperation is an open invitation you know I'm always gonna find it will always find it


C-Thru is Christen's first CD and it is available now on her website at

Set List

First In Line
Mirror, Mirror
I Would Fly
You're All I Need
That's What I'm Here For
Something I Would Never Do
In Her Eyes
See Through
Another Note To Charlie