Chris Thompson

Chris Thompson


Chris Thompson plays a melodic, soaring and full sounding trumpet over an eclectic blend of jazz, world rhythms, electronic music and infectious grooves.


Hi, I'm Chris Thompson. I've been playing trumpet with salsa and latin jazz bands in New York City for 25 years. I started with Conjunto Clasico in the early 1980's and haven't looked back since. I regularly perform these days with such notable salsa and latin jazz artists as Grammy winner Lalo Rodriguez, Tony Vega, Adalberto Santiago, Edy Martinez and Tito Gomez.

I recently released my new CD, Red Morning Rise -- an album that I recorded and mixed myself in my home project (Pro Tools) studio. It is an exciting blend of jazz-inflected trumpet work over a broad spectrum of sounds and grooves. Each song is a unique and enticing creation. Live performances of the music are with a five piece band consisting of trumpet, keyboards, bass, drums and percussion. Having worked in the NY scene for so many years I can draw on a rich pool of players for live performances.

As a child, I was first attracted to the sound of the trumpet when my father took me to a Herb Albert concert back in Kansas City when I was eight years old. As a teenager I found a musical hero in Miles Davis and became absorbed in learning all I could about the life and music of jazz greats like Charlie Parker, John Coltrane, Freddie Hubbard, Chet Baker and Woody Shaw.

I began playing trumpet with salsa bands in the early 1980's when trumpet player Pete Nater recommended me for Conjunto Clasico, a top New York salsa band. None other than Tito Puente was performing in the same club at 96th and Broadway that first night -- I was in awe! The music was so tight, powerful, swinging and sophisticated -- and all those great looking couples dancing so beautifully!

I've relished a love affair with Brazilian music for many years (hey, I spend many nights at the Zinc Bar!). I also discovered the intoxicating and groove-oriented music of certain artists in the electronic and world music arena -- artists like Thievery Corporation and Suba -- mixing sounds and rhythms of the world with electronic textures and beats.

Red Morning Rise is currently available at (an "Editor's Pick"),, and on the Apple iTunes store.

I am interested in working with a producer or manager on a live studio project and to help me out with the live performance and business side of things. I'll take care of the music!


Red Morning Rise

Three tracks are available for streaming or download right here on my site.

All tracks from the CD are available for streaming on my web site at

Set List

All songs are originals from my new CD, Red Morning Rise, except where noted.

Set duration is approximately 50 minutes.

Sample set List:
1) Shaken and Stirred
2) Bossa Bayati
3) Double Up
4) Little Sunflower (cover)
5) Angel in the Middle
6) Watchdogs