Chris Thompson

Chris Thompson


My songs are laid bare acoustically - it's just me and my guitar, although i hope some quality studio time would give me the opportunity to perform them as they were intended - i like to write about all things emotional - from love straight the way through to loss..


well.. i've been in bands and have dreamt about living a life where i make a living from music since i was about 16yrs old - my first band was a 4 peice, very 'Brit' '94-95 indie/punk/rock act, my second was adventuring more into the realms of a more developed 'Radiohead' influenced sound i feel, and since then my music has just been generated from what's inside... i like to take inspiration from the Doors, Manic St Preachers, Iron & Wine, Nirvana, and so on.. so it's a very eclectic mix.


none released, plenty of demos!

Set List

1. save my day (original)
2. who knows? (original)
3. jezebel (Iron & Wine Cover)
4. enough of you (original)
5. someday (original)
6. suzy (out of range) (original)
7. half the world away (Noel Gallagher cover - v.slow!)
8. i'll be with you (original)
9. for a friend (original)