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The best kept secret in music


"Christia shows she has what it takes to become a star"

Christia Mantzke sings, plays guitar, keyboards and piano like a seasoned pro on her fresh and invigorating release The First. Mantzke is yet another budding talent a major label put on hold too long before finally losing her to the world of Independents. As major labels continue to cut their own throats, the independent music sector becomes stronger. Artist like Mantzke would have been a sure fire bet for a shot at the top of the pops, nevertheless she may make it there in spite of that with strong releases such as this.

“Just Like You” was a good choice for a lead off track; it pops and crackles with excitement and electricity, musically and lyrically. As Mantzke sings about being overtly obsessed about her subject of adoration (who ever it is)…”I wanna be just like you, I wanna be in you, I wanna spend all my time just thinkin’ ‘bout you…the music rocks with an irresistible beat complete with all the hooks to take you captive, her mission accomplished.

This multi-talented songbird really nailed it on this recording, in many ways. The music has a good vibe, the lyrics make sense and you can make sense of them, and above all, the production is sterling with the highs and lows in all the right places. Alternative-Rock-Pop with a purpose and meaning, now how about that? This solid album will satisfy a broad range of tastes. This is just the beginning, in my estimation, for an odds-on-favorite to become a future star. If she continues to produce music of this quality and get the opportunity that she deserves, the sky is the limit for this girl.
- Music-sites

"Mantzke creates an electric performance"

July 2004) Indie artist alt-rock/pop singer, Christia Mantzke, creates an electric performance on her debut album, The First (Immutable Records (USA) CM1481, 2004). She is a powerful vocalist in addition to her strengths on guitar, keyboards and piano. This LA born talent charted in Germany and France with her single hit, "I'm Not A Boy" under the auspices of EMI-Europe.

The music on The First is raw and appealing, filled with emotion and excitement. All the songs were written by Christia with the exception of "Chance to Live," co-written with Michael Turner. "Just Like You" is at the top of the bill and has an electric vibe that makes you want to move with the beat. "Conversion (Take Me Now)" changes pace with an irresistible rhythm and her vocals soar.

"Alone Forever" catches one's attention at the rock/pop progression along with strong vocal performance. Another top-notch track is "I Hate It" where Christia's tender side is emphasized with her beautiful lyrics and sensitive music interludes mixed in with her rock sound.

The First has a freshness and excitement to the riveting music and passionate lyrics. There seems to be something for everybody on this album, and this multi-talented artist seems to have hit on the right formula
- musical discoveries

"An excellent album worth checking out"

Showing strong Avril Lavigne and Alanis Morissette influences comes the gorgeous red head Christia Mantzke who comes from L.A.. Mantzke released her first single "I'm not a Boy" back in 2001 on EMI. Which then made it onto a compilation CD alongside the likes of Kylie Minogue, Garbage and Alanis Morissette. Unfortunately Mantzke felt EMI were holding her back as she was waiting around for them for over a year to make up their minds so she decided to move on and here she arrives with her cool debut album.

'Just Like You' is a brilliant song, it's very raw sounding and modern, but very very catchy and Mantzke sounds a lot like Lavigne. Good start. Next is 'Fingers Tap' which is stong fun and catchy with tons of guitars. Next is 'Conversion (Take Me Now)'. Again the guitars are really strong on this song which is quite seductive. It's modern in style and makes me think of Garbage but is a brilliant song. 'Alone Forever' is really cool, a simple structured song with strong melodies and catchy chorus. I really loved Christia's vocals on this song which reminds me of Avril Lavigne, WIlson Phillips and Alanis Morissette and is very catchy indeed, this is one of the albums best tracks.

'Bubble Gum Ball (Interlide)', is a short silly piece that gives way to 'I Hate It' - a lush poppy ballad that reminds me of Shania Twain and Avril Lavigne. Next is 'Stop Asking' a song that grows into a catchy pop rocker like Alanis Morissette that is a little funky in style, Mantzke sounds really good on this song. 'Liberties Taken' The rest of the album carries on in the vein of these songs, one standout is the gut wrenching ballad 'When I Cry' which is just superb

This is an excellent album filled with fantastic songs, well worth checking out folks and watch out for Christia on our next unsigned bands contest.


Nicky Baldrian
- Metal Rock News

"Powefrul singing and strong pop music made on Christia Mantzke's Indie release"

Christia Mantzke had recorded an album that EMI wouldn't release. Their loss is our gain. An independent label has put out her debut. She sings powerfully and makes strong pop music.

"Just Like You" is like Alanis Morissette gone experimental. Its Arabic touches spice it up.

"Conversion (Take Me now)" is a rockin' song that proves Mantzke has a formidable voice.

"I Hate It" is a haunting ballad about a dysfunctional relationship.

"Stop Asking" echoes Morissette's more straightforward moments in a good way. Like most of the songs here it should be on the radio.

"When I Cry" is another great slow song with great piano-playing by Mantzke.

"The First" is an excellent start for a promising new artist.

- Collected Sounds -a guide to women in music


I'M NOT A BOY--EMI Europe release. Charted in France, Germany and Italy.

THE FIRST--independent release Immutable label


Feeling a bit camera shy


After finding success on the NYC club scene and charting in Germany, France, and Italy with EMI-Europe, I decided to take everything I'd learned and write songs that pushed the traditonal edge of what was pop and what was rock. Weather the rhythmns are hard driving and pulsating or acoustical and quiet, my band demonstrates not only fantastic flexibilty with the changing moods of each individual arrangement but outstanding muscianship as well. We are influenced by many different artist from No Doubt to Aretha Franklin.