Christiana Trenum

Christiana Trenum

 Warrenton, Virginia, USA

Christiana's Celtic melodic voice when mixed with the picturesque lyrics create a strong picture that will remain memorable to the listener. Her music has a perspective on a wide range of life situations and events that happen in this human life experience that we all share.


Christiana has always had her own brand of contemporary folk music. She has fresh
perspectives and images that appear in her diverse writing style. Inspired by a variety
of writers in musician, she has found her place as a strong writer and vocalist. She
calls northern Virginia home and can be found performing most weekends in the
mid Atlantic region along with her percussionist John Trenum.

She has received a few nods in various songwriting competitions on the east coast.
After releasing her EP in early 2009, her song "Familiar Crossroads" has received
Honorable Mention in 2009 and 2011 Mid-Atlantic Song Contest.

She finished her first full length project in early spring 2012. The self-titled album is
full of new music and is a solid addition to this emerging artist's music roster.

Christiana has both her EP and album for sale on iTunes, CDBaby and Amazon.

Stay tuned, more great things are coming from this folk chick.

Christiana is an active member of Songwriters Association of Washington (SAW), Washington Area Musicians Association (WAMA) and Frederick Acoustic Music Enterprise (FAME).



Written By: Christiana Trenum

There's a beauty in simplicity
a peace in changing seasons
I got my back to the wind
and my face to the sun
Daring it to shine
It's October again

Familiar Crossroad

Written By: Christiana Trenum

It's not the first time
I found myself here
I can't believe
It's all starting again

I keep hoping I'll wake up
To find it all a dream

Not a soul as far as I can see
Not a sound as far as I can hear
Walking through a silent storm
Coming up on a familiar crossroad

I can't find a reason
I'm out of excuses
I'm too old to wander
To young to quit and run

Reaching out into the dark
For a hand that's not there

Not a soul as far as I can see
Not a sound as far as I can hear
Walking through a silent storm
Coming up on a familiar crossroad


**All Music is available on Itunes, Amazon, CD Baby and many more**

NEW!! - Self Titled Full Length Album - 2012

"Familiar Crossroads" - Honorable Mention 2011 Mid Atlantic Song Contest

Self Titled Debut EP - 2009

"October" Single - May 2009

"Familiar Crossroads" - Honorable Mention 2009 Mid Atlantic Song Contest

Upcoming EP to be released late summer 2011.