Christian Backstrom

Christian Backstrom


Christian Backstrom is a singer/songwriter whose heartfelt lyrics and toe-tapping melodies enable her audience to both exalt Jesus Christ and feel the grace and redemptive power of God's love.


At the age of 19, Christian picked up the guitar for the first time on a dare, not knowing that it would forever change her life. A few shorts months after that first strum, she began leading worship for a college bible study in Southeast Houston. From there, she continued to get requests to play at different single's bible studies, churches, coffee houses, and weddings throughout Houston. She has even led worship over the border in Mexico for various church's missions projects. To diversify her worship set, Christian started singing her own worship and contemporary melodies also, which is ultimately her passion. Billboard Music has compared her songwriting stylistically to that of Nichole Nordeman, Jill Phillips, and Kim Hill. Christian continues to play wherever God calls her, knowing that He is the divine author of all of her music.


Come Take Me

Written By: Christian Backstrom

V1: Lord of earth and heaven
Lord of all my life
Well is it just lip service
or can You be seen past my disguise
Cause I've heard a thousand sermons
and I've sung a million songs
I've tried to live the right way
But I still feel like there's something wrong
Chorus: Come take me fill my life
That they may see
Come break me change my heart
So the world when they look into my eyes, will know the Spirit lives in me
V2: Can salt lose its flavor?
And can light lose its shine?
Remind me what it feels like
to be a branch connected to the vine
Cause I want the world to know me
As a bearer of Your fruit
But more than anything else
I want to be like You
Bridge: You say we're a royal priesthood
And children of the King of Kings
A chosen generation
I want to know what that means
So Lord be my everything


Written By: Christian Backstrom

V1: When will this world stop turning
I’m getting dizzier each day
Slow down to sleep, then up and running
Day in, day out, I keep this pace
And I work and I play
And I get things done in an orderly way
But beyond all the sights and sounds
There’s just one thing I have found
Chorus: That life is not worth living when You’re not in the details
And life is not worth living at all without Your call
And time is much to short
to be wasted on things that
Will burn away
at the end of the day
So one thing I pray
is that You’ll be my life
V2: Round and round
I’ve gone through the motions
Trying hard to be all that I can be
But perfection is
just a passing notion
When I try to reach it
by my own means
So I work and I play
And I’ve gotten things done
in an orderly way
But beyond all I’ve seen and heard
There’s just one thing I have learned
So I’ve worked and I’ve played
And I’ve gotten things done in that orderly way
But from now till the end of time
You are the one on my mind

Your Will

Written By: Christian Backstrom

V1: Confusion rolls in like a fog
and clouds the workings of this mind
'Til what I thought had been so clear
Becomes so hard to find
And I'm second guessing all my choices
Listening to too many voices
So rid my life of all these noises
I'm crying out, I'm crying out Jesus
Chorus: Help me walk in Your will
Help me trust and obey
Lord help me know that You've ordered my steps all the way
And in times that I doubt
And I can't figure out
If I should move or be still
Lord, help me walk in Your will
V2: You know the name of every star
And where You've placed them in the sky
You say my times are in Your hands
Then why can't I seem to shine?
Even though I know You're guiding me
This path is sometimes hard to see
So shine Your light right in front of me
I'm crying out, I'm crying out Jesus
Bridge: 'Cause I'm tired of being double-minded
Tired of being so short-sighted
So with Your strength I'm gonna fight it
I'm crying out, I'm crying out Jesus


Written By: Christian Backstrom

V1: From the rising of the sun in the east
To its setting in the west
You Lord are highly exalted above all the earth
All of creation is crying Your name
It testifies of You
'Cause You have been glorified,
And You will be glorified again
Chorus: I want to glorify You
Both in my spirit and in truth
I want to glorify You
And make Your name known
I want to lift you higher
For You are worthy of all praise
I want to glorify You
And make Your name known
V2: I will praise You for Your loving-kindness
Praise You just for who You are
'Cause You have been glorified
And You will be glorified again
Bridge: Be glorified in me...

Strength in Weakness

Written By: Christian Backstrom

V1: So many times I've failed You
So many times I've let You down
Still I sing Amazing Grace
Oh how sweet the sound
But what if my sins were numbered
And what if this heart could not be clean
What would I do without Your love
I would drown in me
Chorus: You are my strength in weakness
You are my hiding place
You are the one who comforts
when tears roll down my face
And You are my sole provider
You are the good in me
You are my strength in weakness
Lord, You've saved myself from me
V2: You are the one who's faithful
Traded Your glory for my shame
And you see this weak one through
Time and time again
No other love's as patient
Willing to meet my every need
And though I often stumble
I know You're teaching me

Set Apart

Written By: Christian Backstrom

V1: Some trust in things
And wonder why they are not satisfied
Some walk right by
Never knowing they are missing life
They're hearing but not listening
Seeing not believing
Oh Lord, how blessed am I!
Chorus: To know You, know You
As the one
Who loves me, loves me
Sent Your Son
To save me, save me
Change this heart
So I could be...set apart
V2: Some turn deaf ears
and hope in what they can see with their eyes
Some hear good news
But never fully realize
They're looking but not seeking truth
Running but not chasing You
Oh Lord, how blessed am I!
Bridge: Awesome, mighty, righteous, holy
To me You have revealed Your glory
Oh Lord, how blessed am I!

Set List

Christian's set can consist primarily of Modern Worship songs, Contemporary Christian covers, her own music, or a mixture of all three, depending on what the venue requires.