Christian Basso

Christian Basso


It combines elements from tango,italian music,jazz and Argentine folklore with the classical,and traditional features of soundtrack composers like Morricone,Rota,Elffman,Bregovic.Strong European accent with port,cabaret and vaudeville scents.Melancholic violins, mandolins,accordions & twang guitars.


Christian BASSO (born SEPT 27, 1966), Argentine musician.

Composer and multi-instrumentalist, Christian Basso has created music pieces for theater, dance, installations, television and films. Among his most recent creations is the music for Korean feature �Secret Sunshine / Milyang� by renowned filmmaker Lee Chang Dong, film which was awarded a Golden Palm in Cannes 2007.

His music combines elements from tango, Italian music, jazz and Argentine folklore with the classical and traditional features of soundtrack composers.

Throughout his over twenty-year career, Basso became well-known in the local scene as bassist and musician of diverse projects next to such artists as Charly Garcia, Gustavo Cerati, Richard Coleman, Andr�s Calamaro, Daniel Melingo, Javier Malosetti, Maria Gabriela Epumer, among others; and mainly with La Portuaria, band of which he was mastermind and founding member next to Diego Frenkel. This group became key in the music renewal scene of the 90�s in Argentina for it combined sounds, rhythms and instruments characteristic of the so-called world music with rock. His themes �Selva� and �El Bar de la Calle Rodney� remained in the first positions of best-selling charts for weeks.

As soloist he edited �Profan�a� and �La Penthalpha�, creations which delve deeply into a search for a more personal sound that embraces the spirit and influences of the immigrants� culture. Both projects feature soprano Eva Faludi (Coro Polifonico Nacional), American singer Kal Cahoone (Lilium, Tarantella); and music arranger Alejandro Ter�n (Hypnofon), among others.

�Basso proposes a music of strong European accent with port, cabaret and vaudeville scents. It echoes melancholic violins, mandolins and accordions, next to spaghetti-western twang guitars. It is a deeply evocative sound which recognizes predecessors like Enio Morricone, Nino Rota and, more recently, the group Calexico and �bad seed� Barry Adamson.�
Claudio Kleiman / Rolling Stone Magazine



2003 Christian Basso "La Pentalpha"/ LAL Discos 020

2002 Sri Kalki Baghavan/Enzo Buono/ Kosmic music INDIA

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1995 La Portuaria "Huija!"/ (EMI 8352972)

1993 La Portuaria "Devorador de Corazones"/ (EMI 7897222)

1991 La Portuaria "Escenas de la Vida Amorosa"/ (EMI 7975602)

1989 La Portuaria "Rosas Rojas"/ (EMI 7944102)

1986 Fricci�n "Consumacion o Consumo" (Interdisc, EMI 7990162)

1985 Clap "Brujerïas Flotantes"/ RCA, BMG 74321 40549-2)

Set List

it depends on the kind of event.
Aprox. 45/70 minutes