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The best kept secret in music


"Solo Piano Publications"

Italian pianist/composer Christian Calcatelli’s debut CD is gorgeous! Conservatory-trained, Calcatelli’s music is heavily influenced by the classics, but his musical voice is clear and very contemporary. My first couple of times through the CD inspired more than a few utterances of “Wow!” I listen to so much piano music in the course of teaching and reviewing that sometimes I think my ear is getting a little jaded. Then a CD like this comes along and gets me all fired up again! At 24, Calcatelli has ambitions to create film music, and I predict he’ll be a major success at whatever he does. His pieces are melodic, heartfelt, and easy to access right away but complex enough to listen to over and over without losing interest.

For some reason, I am often especially drawn to the seventh track of an album, and this one is no exception. “Reflections” needs to be heard. If it reaches enough ears, it is certain to become a classic. Both dramatic and delicate, passion pours out of every note. In the main theme, the right hand plays shimmering alternating chords and intervals while the left hand plays melody and harmonies in the bass. Then it builds and the second theme enters, which is deeply emotional, almost pleading. The themes alternate, ending with the first, which just kind of trails off. What an incredible piece! (Sheet music???) “Prelude” opens the CD with a quiet, gentle preview of what’s to come. “Infiniti” beautifully demonstrates Calcatelli’s melodic gifts as well as his impressive playing chops. Emotion again permeates every note, touching the heart and soothing the soul. “That Second Forever” is very classical and darkly elegant. Passion flows, and under Calcatelli’s fingers, the piano provides a full orchestral sound that is rich and deep. Such beautiful music! The melody in “Song in B flat” is so strong that lyrics could easily fit, but are certainly not needed - the piano sings volumes all by itself. It just seems to be telling a story. “Whispering Thoughts” is much more ambient and abstract, but is just as exquisite. Built mostly around a series of harp-like broken chords that are allowed to ring without getting muddy, the feeling is intimate and cozy, but also very peaceful.

This is an amazingly good debut - especially for such a young artist. Christian Calcatelli has such command of his instrument that it is truly an extension of himself. He performed a record-breaking 60-hour and 1 minute improvisational concert in Rome in 9/04 called The Calx Project, and is currently releasing two CDs of that music for download from his site. I will be reviewing both soon. “Christian Calcatelli” is also currently available for download at, and it will be available soon from I give it my highest recommendation! - SPP - Kathy Parsons


- A BROKEN RECORD 1 - Original music from The Calx Project
- A BROKEN RECORD 2 - Original music from The Calx Project

All 3 Cd's contain tracks that are regularly featured on streaming web radios.


Feeling a bit camera shy


Christian Calcatelli is currently known by hundreds of fans worldwide for his captivating, cinematic and inspirational solo piano music, his original compositions and his astounding solo improvisations.

Born in the USA by an American mother and Italian father, Christian lived in the States for the first few years of his life and then relocated to Rome, Italy where he currently resides with his lifetime friend, wife, and main source of inspiration, Susie.

His initial interest in music began by discovering the soundtracks that gave life to golden age cartoons from Disney and MGM which often consisted of adaptations from the classics.

Triggered by curiosity, he taught himself how to read music, plunk the first notes on the piano and play around with harmonies.

When 14 years old, Christian entered the selections for the Master Piano course at the "S. Cecilia" music conservatory in Rome, Italy and reached second place over hundreds of participants. From then on, he began his formal study of piano, solfeggio and music theory which would last for the next six years.

Today, at 24, Christian has treasured all the teachings received through time and made them his own, developing a personal, intimate style of piano playing. Particularly fascinated by distant cultures, from Celtic to African, Christian has created an original palette of colors on the piano that suggest sounds and melodies of instruments coming from other lands and times in a modern, unique and appealing way.

Christian’s musical interests led him to closely appreciate one of the most valuable forms of neglected art today, film music.

In September 2004 Christian grabbed the attention of nearly 30,000 fans and listeners with a truly historical and unique event in which he set an official Guinness World Record ™ in "longest solo music internet broadcast" by playing the piano for 60 hours and one minute in aid of the Calx Project at the Alberto Sordi Gallery, one of Rome’s most renown locations. To make it more taxing, Christian improvised in his style for the whole duration of the event for three days and two nights while raising funds for children in behalf of international humanitarian organization PLAN International. This exciting show was defined as ‘breath-taking, simply captivating!’ (il Giornale, 16/09/04)

Christian’s improvisations at this memorable event have been collected in 2 Cd’s entitled ‘A broken Record – Original Music from the Calx Project’ . While working on a new solo CD, Christian’s main goal is to work in the music business as a movie composer.