Christian Cuff

Christian Cuff

 Bath, Maine, USA

"Christian’s songs delve deep into his personal life, exploring dark and captivating themes set to brilliant folk guitar work and a soothing, welcoming voice that lets the listener sympathize with Christian’s feelings, yet feel hopeful at the same time." -The Village Soup Sept. 2008


I spent a solid year touring with a group called the IndieNational Tour. We did the US, Canada, Puerto Rico, Eastern and Western Europe and Great Britain...all in a row. Along the way the songs developed with whatever accompaniment might be around. Sometimes there would be a cellist, sometimes a trumpeter, sometimes slide guitar, sometimes a didgeridoo...a lot of sounds just came together when they needed to.
The album "silo" is a minimal, intense display. It's a concept album based on a monsterous year of a lot of doubt and a lot of reason. I hit some lows and worked different ways out. The live show is dynamic and very energetic. The songs run the gamet, but work through a gorgeous narrative of the last two years. The band ranges from a full 6 piece, to a trio, with a few solo performances peppered in there; and I can honestly say there's not a single venue I wouldn't take on with these guys.



Written By: christian cuff

I could turn a girl all kinds of red and we'd just share the shame, as I choke on the walk home. cause what you've got and who you'll get and what you're gonna be has got nothing to do with me. so go on cool your face in someone else's shade but just try to change, as I begin to hate my shadow. silo. but like the morning table might just bring her some clarity, while there's no afternoon for him. so go on pick your dead words off the floor they just might save, those other beds that you've made. but I've been restless since you had to choose, because I'd been careless with some better girls than you.


Written By: christian cuff

I should have told you I was sick, but I was having fun with it. So far, so gone for two years, but they were both too long. Now I'm not lost for what I've found, I just thought that I'd be better off by now. When you call me closer, you call me close and you call me yours. When you call me closer you call me close, and you roll me over.
So here's the knife and here's the reason that I'm coming down off these. If you'd use it all against me you just might feel differently. But on an island and sinking deeper up a tree just longer. If I'd come here with pretention, I'm sorry. But you called me closer, and you call me yours. You call me closer, and you roll me over when you call.


Written By: Christian Cuff

As Spain spins backwards, the whole world in reverse, two head beams burn behind. But the paper's peeling in a hotel, pastel, green through that golden light. So six gone from a softpack but I never smoked back home, out here who's to know that on my own my home is close to come?
With a set built to shame through some chorused name while I wait for this Jane to show to the corner stage. It's my favorite game, the same that I pretend to be above. On my own my home is close to come, and on this paper throne I comfortable.
But now I'm out of tricks while my card-house confidence has been built on tables that are still stuck in this, and I'm out of all that confidence steeping in warm waters of my sobered fits.


Written By: Christian Cuff

Home is love thats sugar stunned
by all thats obvious to one
the others left to load a gun
that i cant find

and bottles dont come empty
but my demons dont go gently
broken down and shouldering them
one more time

Grow old lighter soled
thought gets lost when lost feels like home

ive been the boss who'd trigger fix
ive been the ball youre playing with
ive been the sleeve, youre covering
against the crowd

all the confidence you sought
a taller, darker handsome lot
through every final parting shot
youve made me proud

Go lighter soled, love gets gone, when lost is home

careful while you cut your teeth
the sleeping bag youre underneath
evaporates eventually
ive seen it done

and when youre left there in the blinds
youre twisted steps on boys you find
you can drown the taste but not the crimes
youre turning from

so go lighter soled
all ive done is want you home


"Silo" is my debut release.
Tracks from the album that are receiving international radio play are "pretty floor", "silo", "frying pan" and "little man". We've had 4 NBC appearances and the album has made numerous "Top Albums of 2008" lists throughout New England and Europe.
Our follow-up album currently titled "Sinshine" will be released May 2010 and supported by both a US tour as well as a European Tour.

Set List

1. Frying Pan
2. Closer
3. Nothing Yet
4. Little Man
5. Silo
6. If and Walking
7. Hobo Island
8. Fib
9. South
10. Pretty Floor
11. Hope
12. Adventures
13. Chalkboard
14. Red Rum
15. For Now
16. Home
17. Tar
18. Sinshine
19. Fingertips and Taunts

Sets are just about 90 minutes, with a possible 120 minutes of rehearsed material.