Shreveport, Louisiana, USA
BandHip HopR&B

Christian’Dee is not your cliche' rapper from Louisiana. He's more of a hip hop artist than your next “dance sensation.” With his soothing flow and delivery, he truly shows he's just having fun doing what he loves to do.


"Let's have fun!" Something you will hear in just about every track by Christian'Dee. Born Christian Deshun Fuller, a native of Shreveport, LA, Christian'Dee doesn't have the average sound of a Louisiana artist. As military brat, he experienced a lot of different sounds and genres and tries to place different parts in his sound to stand out. "As I got older, I noticed my voice would never change!" he Jokes, "So I try and use it to my advantage." His voice isn't the average deep voice; he has a soft voice that fits his flow and style of rapping. "I call It sappin', a combination of singing and rapping, but I can't sing!" he laughs. "It's just a sound I make, and people swear I can sing, so I run with it!" Christian'Dee loves his music, and hopes to one day to share it with the world like his inspirations Outkast, Bizzy Bone, and Z-Ro out of Houston. Christian'Dee passed on a Division II scholarship to play basketball in S.C. to study music. Christian'Dee has a distinctive sound, and you will be able to tell by his music and hear it in his voice, he's definitely something to look forward to in the industry.


EP "Est. 318" Released September 3, 2010
"Yeah I Jacked Your Beat! So What?!" Coming soon!