Christian Enojado

Christian Enojado


Riveting guitarcentric songs borne of a heart that has seen more than a mere three decades would normally dictate. At times driving, at times nostalgic, but always thought-provoking and ultimately spiritual.


Solo project of noted Board-Certified Music Therapist from North Carolina. Veteran of numerous local bands and experienced on all stages, be it church, club, college or garden party. Lover of all things guitar, lover of all things musical. Lover of life.


Live and Learn

Written By: Christian Enojado

There ain't nothin' that electricity has given me but heartache and pain
I guess I sold my soul to the gods of rock n roll, and in return they've given me heartache and pain

I'd play every night to a bunch of fish that would not bite
I guess they didn't like my brand of worm
Oh, it must have been a sight to see me "rock and roll all nite"
In my private hell forever burn

Forever burn, you live and learn
Funny how just the worm has turned
Like a lover spurned, you live and learn
In my private hell forever burn

guitar solo


Guitars that plug into the wall and cost me dough (re mi la ti do)
Haven't done that much for me but kept me in captivity
I "do si do," and off I go!

Chorus out


Christian Enojado: In the Storm released 2003
Tracks formerly featured on local N.C. college radio stations