Holyoke, Massachusetts, USA

Jam-ba jam an expression meaning peace and peace in the Wolof language of Africa, was learned by this artist thru his travel experience, This unique artist constantly striving to express peace in every musical lyric he writes. A 12 and 6 string guitar, Harmonica and soulful vocal ignites a room.


Christian began his musical endeavors at the age of seven and at twelve had started his first band. Following his dreams to produce passion in the hearts of many he continued to play music throughout his college years.
After a few years of travel Christian had written over 100 songs and formed the band Earth Tone, which gained a large following. The influences of artists such as Neal Young, Peter Gariel, Pearl Jam and Youssou N'dour somehow melded. This sound can be heard in even recent songs. For the most part this artist is influenced by his present surroundings rather then other artists, giving him an even more original sound. The Gouy Tree CD still holds those influences but with an injection of West African culture since it was recorded in Dakar Senegal. The project was compacted into a two month time. In this time Christian auditioned, rehearse and recorded. The tracks where taken back to the states to be mixed. The huge and historic tree on the CD cover, the gouy tree, is located in the bush just outside of Dakar Senegal, Africa in a small village named Diorbel. Christian was told by two elder men that the villagers buried their beloved storytellers in the sacred hallowed tree to keep the villages history alive.
With a collection of seventeen very talented musicians Christian set out to make a CD that would touch the masses and express the stories of his world which was America. In the summer of 2002 this amazing and uplifting CD came to life in the heart of Dakar, Senegal, West Africa.
He is always composing and always recording where ever he is. Now spending his winter in Montana after four years in Hawaii, JAMBA/Christian is readying himself for a spring recording sessions and a short tour.


2000 years ago

Written By: christian hine

All thoughs far away looks grow
to the horizon
and where will all the people go
theres no prediction
and will the river still flow
with all her beauty
to the ocean, to the horizon
do people ever wonder
the bubble slowly blows
do people ever wonder
what will we miss
because a kiss is still a kiss
and love is still the best thing
we'll ever know.


First recording, Shovels and Rakes was recorded in a large church in Ct. 2000
Second CD, Gouy Tree. Recorded in Dakar,
Senegal, West Africa at Jimi M'Baye's Studio Dogo in 2002, Mastered at Signiture Sound Studio's.
Christian is now being played on radio stations around the country and on many stations in Senegal, Africa.
He's back from Hawaii Big Island where he lived and breathed Aloha for 3 and half years. Now he is spreading his music based out of Northampton MA.

Set List

[First Set] The River, 2000 Years Ago, It All Depends On You, King and Queen, Frayed Nerve, Little Hood, [Second Set] World, Cry Of The Elephant, Ivy Song, Paint You, Rules Un-broaken/Rules Unmade, Wish You Where Here:(Cover), Lady Em,
Each set is about one Hour. As many sets as needed.
All original. Any cover songs would be anything from Neil Young to Eddie Vedder (Pearl Jam) Pink Floyd to Peter Gabriel.