Christian Jones

Christian Jones


Accoustic tunes to belted out blues banjo roots style, with killer vocals. All played while pounding away to a jazz kick drum and high hats. Inspirational melodies to hard arsed funk and blues, original music all inspired by Christian's time on the Wheatbelt in outback WA


Christian worked with a hard arsed shearing team on the edges of the Wheatbelt in WA as the team cook, but was able to reflect on times of clarity, and note his experiences in music…..

….,“The time warp is amazing, it put’s you a good 50 years into the history of a continent. I found a very earthy place and wanted to explore it.” ,…

Jones, a previous winner at the “GWN Country Music Awards” has held lead roles in musical theatre and released LP’s, and also produced recordings for other WA artists,. However, it was his time away in isolation, and the need for a band that developed a new sound,… and the making of his latest CD release, “ Morning Bake – into the void “..

…,“Working in the outback shows you a lot of rawness, and the truth you are confronted with from it.. I set up my Kombi as a portable recording studio, and some of these tracks are the direct result of that space.“

With a new found banjo in hand, and the adventures of the outback, Christian has filled his heart with stories, wound into his music.


No Time

Written By: Christian Jones

This song is about going round in circles and having everyone abuse your time.

No time 4 myself

Got no time for myself.
So I take it out on everybody else yeah,
and if I believe that it's all mine
everybody would be fine
I'd have a lot more time to tell.

Make it break or make it fear
Always brings a mighty tear,
I could be sad I could be weak
I could be soft, I could be sleak
but I'd be left with no-one here.
yeah, nobody here ,....

Got no bacon time to pay yeah
Got no time to pick it lately,
Gotta be no boot to pay yeah,
Be no bootleg crimewave
And this is not my time hey
Babe I'm goin insane.


Something About Living - 1999
Walk a while in my Blues - 2003
Morning Bake - 2007

Set List

- Originals -
Flint & Stone
Mr Human
Breathing Space
Dee Dee
Got my money
City Railway
Orange Lights
Your Man
Lady Fate ( What a woman )
The Wish
Beach Party
The Wall

No Time
100 year old new song
It'll do
Fast Banjo
Abide by L.O.R.E
Worlds away
Falling again
What will be

- Covers -
Lay lady lay
Horse with no name
Dont think twice
The drugs dont work
Move it on over

After Midnight