Christian Krieg

Christian Krieg


Literate, catchy songs that teaches the listener a thing or two. Based in the teachings of the Beatles, Bob Dylan, Leonard Cohen, Beach Boys, Nick Drake, Elliott Smith, Pink Floyd & Jimi Hendrix. Attempts to reach themes not normally prevalent in Pop music. Attempts to intellectualize the soul.


Christian Krieg, a singer/songwriter from Des Moines, Iowa is a musician who creates beautifully crafted lyrics and tunes that provoke simultaneous images of something heard long ago and something that could be heard tomorrow. Christian's music, unlike many bands of today, stand on its own. With his smoky vocals and acoustic pianos humming along in the background, his music provokes thought and teaches the listener a thing or two.

Krieg has been writing feverishly for about 4 years, his 2nd Album of 2007: "A Commoner's Guide to Warfare" is a pensive, lyrical & harmonious excursion into the very concept of war & all of the nasty ramifications that can occur from armed conflict. Krieg not only writes about the taxing emotions & madness of current American war in Iraq, but also delves into the American Civil War, World War II, the Spanish Civil War and the ongoing battles that are waged within the human psyche.

Christian Krieg's 1st album of 2007, "Wayward Pilgrims" has been called by Scenezine "a bold, moving collection of homegrown music that simultaneously calls to mind Elliot Smith, The Beatles & early Paul Simon....(Krieg) is a Des Moines native who deserves some attention, with his beautiful melodies and haunting lyrics..." The album takes on the role of a journey, starting with the dark rumbling of "The Road" and ending up in the "City of God". Along the way the listener experiences many trials and joys of any life journey, such as grief, fellow travelers, love, heartache, parenthood and redemption.

Krieg's currently working on his 3rd collection of 2007 "Songs from the Low Road: Volumes I & II" Volume I completed in August and was favorably reviewed by Jeff Morlan of DM Datebook. The project returns to the subject matter of an ongoing journey, beset with many obstacles that interact with daily life - love, ego, fear, judgment and hope. Volume II is slated to be finished by the end of 2007.



Written By: Christian Krieg

Little woman your heart is so pure
I was afflicted until you offered your cure
What makes a lady see the good in one man?
Whose only virtues slip from his dirty hands
Don’t leave me, my sweet savior, it’s cold when you’re away.
Little woman you seem pretty sure
of something in me that you’d only procure.
It’s quite a pity that in some twisted lives
so few have found love, a kind word, a good wife.
Don’t leave me, my sweet savior, it’s cold when you’re away.
Lovely woman I’ll always sing
of the peace in my heart that you always bring
Your song distills me of all that I’ve had
It’s hard to be angry, sullen or sad when you’re beside me…
My sweet savior, don’t ever go away.


Written By: Christian Krieg

Build me a home in West Tokyo, love,
With a garden of sand and old statues of stone
A koi pond crowded in thick Hino above
Stands old Fuji with his cap of white bone
Wish us away to the prefecture’s clay dominions
Where monks use their knees as their thrones
Old Edo renamed as the large city has claimed
Many wealthy and dutiful homes
We’ll have a third son named Toshiro
Above his small crib, hangs a samurai sword
In spring tour Asakura’s museum
Kabuki downtown, expensive gadgetry stores
Sweet neon, I’ll dream on of Tokyo
American planes burned the old wooden frames
at the end of the second world war.
Several thousand civilians met their end in the flames
Hirohito and LeMaay deplored
Nagasaki’s large blast brought its end in a flash
But the B-29s had worse carnage in store
We’d like to skip this cruel history
But our babies deserve the grim facts of all war
In spring tour Asakura’s museum
We’ll lay out the facts and hope the lesson’s absorbed
Sweet neon, we’ll weep on for Tokyo
Build me a home in West Tokyo, love,
With a garden of sand and old statues of stone
A koi pond crowded in thick Hino above
Stands old Fuji with his cap of white bone
Sweet neon, I’ll dream on of Tokyo
Sweet neon, I’ll dream on of Tokyo


3 full-length Albums in 2007:

"Wayward Pilgrims"
"A Commoner's Guide to Warfare"
"Songs from the Low Road: Volume I"

Set List

Sets typically last 2-3 hours - several times a year.
Original Songs:
1. Gazing at the Summit from the Depths (Instrumental)
2. Soft Moon
3. Free Will
4. Evangeline
5. AM Radio Preacher Creature
6. Broken Poets of the Field
7. Little River
8. Woman
9. Eli Lullaby
10. Stray Dog
12. Pauper's Princess
13. The Road
14. St James the Less
15. Birthday Boy
16. Tombstone Grove
17. City of God
18. What is the World Without You?
19. Politician
20. Failed Campaign
21. Quantrill
22. Chaplain
23. Fallujah Blues
24. Tokyo
25. American Me.

Beatles (and Post Beatle material by George, John & Paul). Lots of Harry Nilsson, Randy Newman, Bob Dylan, Jon Brion, The Divine Comedy, Jimi Hendrix...I'll cover anything