Christian Larsen Music

Christian Larsen Music

 Castle Pines, Colorado, USA

"It's a brilliant, masterful flow of orchestration and electronics...Pure poetry"


Christian Larsen is a respected composer and producer whose musical works are revealed and experienced as intimate, thoughtful and expressive.

His expansive repertoire encompasses World, Orchestral, Pop and more. The impact of his emotional and nuanced music is palpable. Christian's compositions can bring a peace or calm as well as exhilarate. His unique artistic and technical skill set drawn from a rich and diverse background as a writer, performer and sound engineer, enables Christian to serve the varied needs of his wide-ranging client base.

Christian currently lives in Colorado with his wife and daughter and welcomes new projects that challenge his musical artistry and call for imagination, innovation, diversity and passion.



Written By: The Music of Christian Larsen

Instrumental, no lyrics

Upside Up

Written By: The Music of Christian Larsen



"Variations on a Dream" -- 2009 (full length album)
"Resonance" -- 2010 (full length album)
"Departure" -- 2010 (full length album)
"Incandescent" -- 2011 (full length album)

Set List

Set list is tailored for the event, from laid back (adult contemporary) to rock (alternative). Set length can run from 20-60 minutes as needed.