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Christian Morning


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Written By: Christian Morning

Words & music by Christian Morning
© Copyright 2006

You can sail the seven seas - open breeze
You can be what you want to be - life at ease
But of all those places
Those empty far away places
Your only hope’s been imagining
A beautiful queen has everything - so it seems
She fills her life with fancy dreams - lovely things
But her king has a lover; her whole world starts over
Its not like it is in fantasies - happily

Chorus: Tell all the people the time has come
To love everyone
Tell all the people from every corner
Way out to the world
Tell all the people Christ he gives
With love he forgives
Tell all the people get out to the streets
To find how the heart beats

Sirens are calling you away – out to sea.
They say, “take leisure while you play - everyday”
But when they have all gone
The piper you paid along
Was deceiving you from the promised day – all the way!


Bridge: If you want to put out to sea - like me
Take the captain - take Jesus with thee – you will see
Your whole life will be different
No more disguises of contentment
People you find will remember
A whole new member of a family - happily

1st Chorus:

2nd Chorus: Glory hallelujah come on everybody
Lets do more than just party
Gory hallelujah - there’s life in the son
Peace and love to everyone
Glory hallelujah - what joy he gives
Our debt he forgives
Glory hallelujah get down and praise the name
It was our lord who took our blame