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K.P. was born as Kason Fredrell Pope in Franklin, TN in 1983 and moved to Nashville, TN with his mother as a young child. His father was incarcerated when he was 6 years old while his mother had spent most of her time working two jobs trying to put
food on the table for the two of them. His mother would spend most of her free time singing in the church choir. KP discovered his talent for making music at the age 8 years old. Watching MTV raps during those days had inspired him to have a
great passion for listening to all kinds of music.
During his elementary years, you would always find K.P. rapping at someones lunch table. By the time he had reached highschool, he had recieved his first computer. A few friends of his were trying to start the a rap group and one of the guys in the
group had introduced K.P. to a production software called MIXMAN. K.P. had took the software home and installed it on his computer and from there, his love for production had took flight. He started buying all kinds of production software and he
started producing tracks for the group. At the age of 15, K.P. found himself in a recording studio for the first time
(THE SWITCHYARD). The engineer had told him, for a guy to be so young, he had some of the best hip-hop music he’d ever
heard coming through his studio. K.P.’s relationship with the engineer was so great, that he gave him a 50% discount everytime
he would come to record at THE SWITCHYARD. Toward the end of K.P.’s highschool years, he had recorded demos with the
group he was apart of and they had passed them around school. K.P. started to make name for himself.
After Highschool, K.P. took his career a little farther by going to school for Audio Engineering. In 2002, he attended Nashville State Community College for 2 semesters. There he studied Digital Desktop Recording (Protools), In studio Techniques, &
MIDI. After leaving Nashville Tech, he had worked a job for a couple of years. Later in 2005, he had enrolled in SAE (Sound & Audio Engineering) on Music Row. K.P. had a lot of fun on Music Row. There, he studied splicing reel to reel tape machines,
Mackie Analog 8Bus & the DXB and he also recieved the experience of mixing on the pro consoles called THE NEVE and the SSL 9000j. K.P. had graduated SAE with the Protools Certification and he also recieved perfect scores on his SSL (100)
and NEVE (95) skills test. K.P. had a great time at SAE but the only downfall was that they offered job placement for all graduates but none of the graduates of his class had recieved a job by any of the placement directors at SAE.
After Audio College, K.P. was forced to go back to the workforce and at the same time he was producing music for a few of his own artists. K.P. had produced two mixtapes in Nashville during that time. He pressed up 400 tapes of one disc and 1000 of the 2nd. Those two disc gave K.P. a name in his community. Shortly after the buzz, most of his artists had fell victimed to the streets & getting behind bars.
From that point, K.P. had found himself going through a major storm. Without a father figure in his life, K.P. had to deal with a lot of problems on his own. K.P. was in a need for cash, so he tried to start selling some of his production. Rappers locally would always want production from K.P. but never wanted to pay him for it so they would try to steal it from him. He had a difficult time selling his music so he started working at various jobs trying to make ends meet but he found himself unsuccessful in the workforce. K.P. ran into a lot of discrimination. He also worked as a caregiver, taking care of a mentally retarded
individual but he ended up resigning due to neglect on the company's behalf. K.P. had witnessed this company stealing money from the client he was taking care of. K.P. tried his best to get the problem resolved but when K.P. interrogated his house
manager, the company attempted to set him up for termination. Shortly after that, K.P. had quit the job because he just couldn't
take seeing such a thing. During that time, he was also dealing with hardships in a 6-year relationship with his high school sweetheart. The relationship finally came to end after his girlfriend had lied to him about an abortion she had been hiding from
him from 3 years ago when she was pregnant with his child.
After all this madness, It was only one person he could call on. His name was "JESUS CHRIST". K.P. was baptized at the age of 13 but after going through all of this at the age of 24, K.P. found himself back in church asking for repentance. Later, he
had turned away from producing secular music and he is now devoting his life to the Christian Rap Scene. Presently, K.P. is working on his own Christian Rap record. He says that, "God has been calling me to make this transformation for along time
and now that I have made this change, my passion for music is back where it was when I first sta