Christian Raphael

Christian Raphael


Here's a dude that was G Love's 1st guitar teacher (when G was a just a kid), got an art school degree and then went and spent 20 years in corporate america. He's got a lot of writing material and connects with people that have been at least half way around the block.


"I think the world is a pretty small place...but people make it big".

Born in Philadelphia, Christian grew up with music. His father Don was a piano and organ player in the big band era. There was always a piano in the house, and incredible musicians coming and going. Frequent trips to clubs in Harlem, sleeping in dressing rooms, or in the back of the car, and hauling the Hammond Organ from town to town are early memories of his.

Christian wrote his first melody at the age of four, and studied piano for a few years before picking up a guitar at the age of 14. Well, like many of us, true passion was put on the back burner when the first of four children came along. Christian putdown the 6 string and picked up a calculator and did a 20 year run in the Corporate America Theater until the show was cancelled….Sound familiar? Along the way he never stopped writing songs and playing guitar—music is a powerful thing.

Christian's songs talk about living life and the things that make us tick on some level or another. "There's much more that we all have in common than set us apart. It's funny when I think that I've come up with something new musically, it's more like, I think I may have come up with another way to be myself, and authentically express a common experience that resonates inside and connects to other people. That's what music means to me, it's about connecting on the inside and connecting with others so we all feel like we are not alone. Music is a part of my DNA. That's how I feel the connection".

Christian moved to New Mexico via Miami Florida from central coast California to start over again (again), where he has played Winery's, numerous open mic's, cafes, Town Squares, and hotels for the past three years. He spends a few months each year on the road traveling from town to town writing and playing songs, and doing his part to help connect people in this small place we call the US of A.

Musical influences are wide and varied--drawing on his musical exposure of early childhood to his love of story telling and outstanding writers. Christian's influences include most prominantly Tom Waitts and John Coltrane, with side orders of Lowell George, Duane Allman and Thelonious Monk.


Just Passing Through

Written By: Chritian Raphael/ Steven Walters

Just Passing Through

Things I forgot, but I’ll never forget
The first time I saw you and the last time we met
When you bid me farewell, somehow I knew
You were and angel, just passing through

Just passing through here, just passing on through
Heading for somewhere, I wish I knew
Your wisdom was simple live a life that’s true
You were an angel, just passing through

I remember what you told me
If you dream just a little bit
You’ll only live just a little bit
And I don’t want to live just a little bit
And if you give just a little bit
You’ll only get but a little bit

But if you give it all you got, give it your very best shot
Then when you’ve taken your last breath
You can really say no regrets, no regrets

I saw you last night and you whispered my name
10,000 voices falling like rain
And you were smiling just like you used to do
You were an angel, just passing through

Just passing through here, just passing on through
Like many before ya and after will too
Our life’s blood is passion and our days here but few
We are all angles, just passing through
We are all angels just passing through

Music To Music

Sweetness & Lightning

Written By: Christian & Ana Raphael

Sweetness and lightning your love is a storm
Found your kiss on my pillow when I opened my eyes

Right there where you left it to soften this morning
to keep me from crying, but know I’ll be smiling till our next goodbye

It’ easy to see you were born to be free so I let you go
You keep coming back telling me that you are mine

Sweetness and lightning a hawk and a dove
Quiet eye of a hurricane on an ocean of love

Your winds are blowing cold so I’m bound to be alone ‘least for a little while
You come and then you go, but I need you to know that it’s fine

Sweetness and lightning a deep mystery
I’m counting the days and all of the ways you set me free

It’s all so clear to me now it makes perfect sense

Loving you is exciting, sweetness and lightning
Loving you is exciting, sweetness and lightning

Set List

typical set list is 15 -20 songs. 95% of songs played are original. Sets are 70 minutes long.