Christian Williams

Christian Williams


Christian Williams plays dark country/folk music with acoustic guitar and banjo. His songs are Gothic short stories and morality tales set against the sparse and timeless backdrop of traditional American folk music.


I didn't ask a lot of questions growing up. I followed the rules and thought of life like a newspaper - black and white and easier to understand the older you get.
But we all know it isn't that simple. And like the prairie with its spinning gray twisters, life is full of beautiful disasters.
Some folks think they have things all figured out. But their answers just lead to more questions for me. Fortunately, life has shown me enough to know it's time to start asking.

I currently rest my weary bones in Lawrence, KS. A trusty old Martin guitar, banjo and lonesome baritone provide the foundation for my dark tales of mortality, love and the unknown.

Influences: The nature and history of the prairie, the outside of old churches, walking through the woods, DOCK BOGGS, shadows, the gust of wind right before a thunderstorm, the Book of Revelation, EDGAR ALLEN POE, God and the devil, cheap beer and fine bourbon, abandoned buildings, silence, the fear of damnation, HANK WILLIAMS, bare trees, summer nights on the porch, JOHN BROWN, the Wild West, large bodies of water at night, RICHARD BRAUTIGAN, the smell of rain, running out of time, waking up next to the one you love, JOHNNY CASH, cobblestone streets, near-death experiences that are all in your head, bones, faith and lack thereof, EDGAR LEE MASTERS, forgotten graveyards, religous zealots, carnivals, dust, THE CARTER FAMILY, circus freaks, CARL SANDBURG, poor folks and those who have it rough, CHOPIN, ancient oak trees, black dirt, the great plains, MARK TWAIN, ponds, creeks and ditches, friendly folks, folks you hope you never have to see again, HARRY HOUDINI, ghosts, Spanish moss, Southern Gothic literature, WYATT EARP, the Civil War, the sound of someone playing the banjo, VACHEL LINDSAY, admitting you just don't know, the notion that you can come back and do it all over again, MY FAMILY.


PBR & Crackers

Written By: Christian Williams (ASCAP)

Oh, times are tough and so are we. Imagine all the possibilities: If we just put our heads together, no more worries - cuz in the school of life we're PhD's.
Now your stomach's growling, and honey, so is mine. And we ain't had a square meal for some time. I make no claim to fate's manipulator, but take another look in that refrigerator - PBR and Crackers will suit us fine.
Now I apologize for this morning's fuss. But that mailbox of ours has become a dirty cuss. All it ever gives us are bills and fines so I took some dynamite and blew it sky high. Now I think the cops are after us.
Now I'm sorry baby, that we're on the lamb. But I thank the Lord you love me for who I am. We're poor criminals and we're hungry as hell but we'll sure have some pretty good stories to tell to our kids or the angels - whichever might come first.


Written By: Christian Williams (ASCAP)

Last night I heard the voice of God. It's tone was sharp and stern. He said I'd sinned and done him wrong that I deserved to burn. He told me he'd seen everything I'd tried so hard to hide. I felt the guilt wash over me - I hung my head and cried.
He said, "The rules are plain to see - they're written in my book. But you've ignored the men I've sent who tell you where to look. These selfless men want nothing more than to save your helpless souls. They do my will so they've been blessed with fingers ringed with gold."
He said, "My son if you believe, if you love only me, then cast away all earthly gods and give me your money. Choose to live with chosen men and learn to separate those heathen folks from those who know how to show their love with hate."
Last night I heard the voice of God - it shook me from my sleep. But it was just the ravings of the preacher on TV.

I Tried

Written By: Christian Williams (ASCAP)

The shadows are long. The sand's almost gone. Each breeze is the second to the last. These words that they speak mean nothing to me when all that I want is to hold your hand. But oh, when they ask, "Who was this man?" Say I was wrong more than right and tell them with pride that God watched one helluva try.
I wasted those years a slave to my fears convinced the truth was just ahead. But then I made up my mind to stop asking why and that's when I finally learned how to live. And oh, when they ask, "Who was this man?" Say I was wrong more than right and tell them with pride that God watched one helluva try.

Henry May

Written By: Christian Williams (ASCAP)

When he saw the sun was shining and the sky above was blue, he spent the day under the shade and dreamed about the moon. When he woke up to the crickets and the sky above was black, he claimed it was his wife to blame for the day spent on his back. Oh, Henry May - pushed his luck one time too much that summer day.
When he sat down at the table and all he saw was corn, he took his heel and pushed the meal clear across the floor. When his wife started crying and her heart began to ache, she took the gun he used to hunt and blew his head away. Oh, Henry May - used his head to paint the kitchen red that summer day.
When he reached the gates of heaven and saw the line was long, he bitched and moaned with such a tone he ruined the angels' song. St. Peter heard the ruckus and screamed out through the gate, "Make no mistake, I know a place where you won't have to wait!" Oh, Henry May - it suit him well to burn in hell that summer day.
When he stood before the devil and bitched about the heat, a sulfur breeze made him sneeze and knocked the devil off his feet. Ol' Hank was such a nuisance that the beast gave back his soul and sent him up to bug us as a big black cockroach. Oh, Henry May - walked away with four more legs that summer day.


Full-length self-released albums:
- Defiant (Aug. 2007)
- Built with Bones (Jan. 2007)
- For My Mind, It Was Flying (2006)

Set List

My standard set list is 35-40 minutes of all original material. If need be, I can play up to 1 1/2 hours of all original music. The only cover I play is "Goodnight, Irene" by Leadbelly. The rest of my repertoire consists of 25 to 30 minutes of traditional folk songs.