Christie Cook

Christie Cook


Christie is an electric performer with an undeniable voice. Christie's vocals combined with powerful guitar riffs make for a sound reminicent of early Aerosmith with tastes of Zeppelin.


More than 6 years of singing and performing in national touring acts has set the stage for Christie's solo career. Christie co-wrote her songs and puts out a high energy show with an attitude and intensity that would remind you of a female fronted Aerosmith. Her unique brand of "Rock n Soul" highlights her undeniable talent. Christie is also flanked by 3 very talented musicians and long time friends making for an obvious chemistry on stage. Some of the bands influences include; The Black Crowes, Nikka Costa, Sting, The Police, Stevie Wonder, Kings X, Mothers Finest, Aerosmith, Led Zeppelin, Stone Temple Pilots.


Christie released her first EP produced by Dan Hannon in May 2004. Christie has just completed a new EP with her band produced by John Ovnik with Deaf Dog Productions in Chicago, IL. The new masters are posted here as of May 22, 2005

Set List

The set is 30 to 45 minutes in length and is comprised of all original material written and arranged by Christie, her band and her producers.