Christie Grace

Christie Grace

 Bowen Island, British Columbia, CAN

Sultry, soothing straight from and to the heart jazz~ pop infused singer-songwriter
Christie Grace's has been writing songs about her life, since she was a teen. Her songs come from a place of deep personal wisdom, sensitivity and understanding and are exquisitely personal yet universal in their exploration of the mysteries of the heart and of our lives.


Christie Grace is a wonderful heartfelt singer. When I hear Christie sing I believe every word that comes out of her heart and her soul. She's wonderful and then some."

Christie Grace has a sound that washes over you like sweet honey and fine wine. Every song is as beautiful to listen to as she is to look at. Christie Grace has it all! PAUL SHAFFER, Music Director, DAVID LETTERMAN SHOW

With her two recordings Late Bloomer in 2000 and Contemplation in 2007, Christie Grace captivated her audiences with her evocative and sensual voice and displayed her natural ability for creative and original songwriting. Songs like “West Coast Girl”, & “Be Yourself”, created an immediate appeal with its blend of pop and jazz influences. This led to sold out concert appearances and a vocal scholarship with Interplay Jazz and Arts in Vermont, with NEA Jazz Master Sheila Jordan and Grammy winners John Proulx and Karin Allyson in 2012/13. Her upcoming full-length album is currently in recording with Vancouver pianist and Juno winning producer Chris Gestrin. Their new soundscape is an honest portrayal of her fundamental love of jazz, mingled with pop and blues influences. The upcoming album features 13 songs all written by Grace & Gestrin that highlights her broad alto/soprano vocal range with its velvet soothing touch. Christie Grace's newest single Luminescence, was released on CDBaby and ITunes to critical acclaim.

Christie has steadfastly become known as a gifted chanteuse selling out shows and performing with some of Canada's and US's finest jazz musicians including Fred Haas, Madeleine Kole, Richie Iacona, John Proulx, Jodi Proznick, Bill Coon, Miles Black, Stan Keen, and Bill Sample, to name a few.

Christie Grace creates a level of intimacy within her music that stem from her personal experiences. Following in her family heritage, Christie offers a window into her heart, as she shares her unique insights and life lessons with her many fans.



Steel & Porcelain

Written By: Christie Grace/Bill Runge

Life is kind
Life is good
Even though sometimes misunderstood
I see no reason for holding still
If you don’t grab it , Someone else will
Like the tides that ebb and flow
Take what you need and let it go
Trust intuition, laugh all you can
The dance of the- feminine
You have to draw your strength
From the inner flame
Protect the treasure you possess
Nothing remains the same
Life is just or just not fair
So kick up your heels like Fred Astaire
Then when your moment becomes sublime
Savor its essence let yourself shine
Life is bitter sweet profound
You never lose what you have found
Trust intuition, laugh all you can
The dance of the- feminine
It’s a groovy kind of Zen
Life is short yet spins so fast
Always move forward from the past
Trust intuition Laugh all you can
The dance of the feminine
It’s groovy kind of Zen
Steel & Porcelain

Be Yourself

Written By: Christie Grace/Bob Murphy

You’ve got to do what you do
Cause you love it- just for you
Who cares what others may say
There isn’t much time, to fuss or confine
Be yourself, come what may
Go on and reach for the stars
Why not Venus or Mars
What you know deep inside will ensure
Let it guide you along
Be right, be strong
Be yourself, come what may
Let your spirit soar among the clouds
The lemming crowds of disdain
No need to apologize
Be silent, be wise
It’s a futile game
You’ve got to be who you are
Be a compass to your star
And even if you’re all alone
Have faith to endure
Be steadfast, be sure
Be yourself, come what may
Even on a rainy day

West Coast Girl

Written By: Christie Grace

Long ago in Thunder Bay
I used to watch my Daddy play
He sang and taught me how to
Man his band could really move!
Then I left at seventeen
Dad crossed to the in between
Journeyed westward all alone
Searching for my home

I became west coast girl
There’s nothing like it in the world
Love to be a west coast girl
West coast girl

Married me a rugged saint
When he touched me I felt faint
Climbed the mountains swan the sea
Raised a musical family

I became west coast girl
There’s nothing like it in the world
Love to be a west coast girl
West coast girl

Riding bikes in Stanley Park
Water taxis in the dark
Gold and silver alchemy,
My music set me free

I became a west coast girl
There’s nothing like it in the world
Love to be a west coast girl
Sapphire, emerald, pearl

West Coast Girl

Late Bloomer

Written By: Christie Grace

Sweet Virgin
Draped in white
Sleeps by day
Creates by moonlight
Spinning threads of golden silk
Jasmine tea, almond milk
Within her walls
Safely secure
Lies the healing
Protects the pure
Rosebud under glass
Sing your song at last

Late Bloomer (coming into her own)
Late Bloomer (flying to the unknown)
Late Bloomer (destiny home)
Time to fly free

Comes the day
Sheer chrysalis
Sheds her skin
Reveals her kiss
Universal sacred sigh
Shimmering butterfly
Spreading her wings
Heady with flight
Oh, the dreamer
A beautiful sight
Swaying rose in the grass
Sing your song at last



Contemplation~ 2007
7 original songs/5 covers
Arranged & Produced by Bill Runge
Chris Gestrin, Michael Creber, Daryl Jahnke, Jodi Proznick, Pepe Danza, Dave Robbins

Late Bloomer
11 Original Songs
Produced by Rick Kilburn
Chris Gestrin, Robbie Steininger, Miles Black, Randall Stoll, Bill Runge.


Set List

2- 45 min sets

Set 1
1 Like A Lover
2 Pieces of Dreams
3 Luminescence
4 He Lays Me Down
5 What are you doing the rest of your life?
6 Nice And Easy
7 Boplicity

8 On My Way to You

Set 2
1 Once Upon A Summertime
2 Be Yourself
3 West Coast Girl
4 He
5 You Must Believe in Spring
6 Windmills Of Your Mind
7 Hopeful Romantic