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Christien Summers

Toronto, Ontario, Canada | MAJOR

Toronto, Ontario, Canada | MAJOR
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Christien Summers @ Horseshoe Tavern

Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Christien Summers @ Rancho Relaxo

Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Christien Summers @ Kapisanan Philippine Centre for Arts

Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Toronto, Ontario, Canada

This band has not uploaded any videos
This band has not uploaded any videos



Meet The Band: Christien Summers
Christien Summers sounds like the kind of name that would belong to a quiet, little singer-songwriter with a ukelele, but in reality it's a riotous, disco, psych-pop punch-in-your-gut shelling out music that will be in your head for weeks. Led by Carol Lui and multi-instrumentalist Gareth Jones, they spread as much sexuality as George Hamilton circa 1966.

Not only is Christien Summers awesome but they are also opening for the loves of our lives The Balconies THIS Saturday at The Horseshoe, so you know they have to hold their own in the sexy department. You can download their Cloud One EP for free, in return for your email address, here. And here's what Lui had to say when she answered our random, cray questions.

How do you describe your music to someone who hasn't heard you before?
Dreamy fuzzy pop records with strong beats and sad stories.

If you could open for one current band that you haven't played with before, who would it be?
Oh Land. In my dreams, we’d also share stage wardrobes and have pillow fights on tour buses. AND ROBYN!!!

If you could play one venue you've never played before, what would it be?
The Commodore Ballroom in Vancouver. I grew up going to shows there and some of my happiest memories of live music were formed there. Not only is it one of the most beautiful venues in the country, but also the sound is fantastic and that bouncy floor is unbeatable.

Your all-time, all-star supergroup?
The We Are The World and Do They Know It's Christmas casts combined as one, featuring Stevie Nicks.

Say, for some strange reason, all the music in the world is going to be destroyed, but you can save all the songs from one decade. Which decade's records would you save?
Without a doubt, the ‘80s. G would say the decade that spanned from 1967-1977

What was the craziest live show you've ever seen?
Went w/ G to check out Next Music from TOKYO at The Rivoli a couple years ago. We witnessed a violinist drop to the floor after getting electrocuted from his microphone. He was taken away on a stretcher, and the night was cancelled due to “technical issues”. The crowd began to file out but we lingered to chat up bands with our mediocre Japanese. Then the most incredible thing happened! The bands gathered around kumbaya-style in the middle of the Rivoli dancefloor and began to jam out on anything that wasn’t plugged into the wall: acoustic guitars, wooden chairs and tables, plastic ice buckets, etc. After the impromptu jam session, we rolled out of the Rivoli only to bump into the electrocuted violinist back from the hospital. He grabs a couple bandmates and then starts busking out on Queen West. The Japanese rock HARD. Much respect.

What's your favourite song to play live? Why?
“Take Me With You” because it’s my favourite CS song. It’s damn sassy and a blast to sing.

What was the first record you ever bought? When was the last time you listened to it?
First cassette was Cyndi Lauper’s “She’s So Unusual”. First CD was the Top Gun OST. While I haven’t listened to Miss Lauper in ages, I did listen to the Top Gun soundtrack a couple weeks ago.

John, Paul, George, or Ringo?
Ringo. I love the underdog. - The Little Red Umbrella

Christien Summers at the Horseshoe
I totally wasn't going to review this show on account of my terrible laziness but finally seeing Christien Summers live blew me away like the violent winds of Twister that carried the poor wittle cow to it's death. RIP Cow.
I wrote about my appreciation for their EP some time ago, but on Saturday night they introduced me to a handful of new songs that haven't been recorded yet, all of which made me shit my pants with a giant turd of love.
One in particular - something to do with going to the beach - forced me to start jotting down notes for this review after it straight up murdered me with awesome.
Their stage presence is impressively captive for a newer band and I could easily imagine them opening for Cyndi Lauper (who they reminded me of lots) or even Madonna.

It was a disco dance party for the blogs, and somehow has me listening to The Rapture's In The Grace Of Your Love nonstop now, wishing it was Christien Summers future album-to-be. But without disappointment because this Rapture album is the fucking breastsss. - Music She Blogged

Christien Summers, Psychic Disco Pop Extraordinaire!
Okay, weird. I threw on this Christien Summers EP Cloud One, poured myself a drank and sat down just in time to hear her sexysweet voice tell me to "have a drink" and let myself unwind.
The title of this EP speaks for itself.. fuck Bryan Adams all the way over there on cloud nine, we're on cloud one with Christien Summers, and we're dreaming in disco.
Electro pop combined with the sounds of the 70's, and layered with the perfect female vocals to bind the two styles effortlessly into one new, remarkable sound.
I love it.
Now excuse me while I pick out some loud clothes in awkward combinations. - Music She Blogged

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Get To Know: Toronto's disco revivalist duo Christien Summers


The combination of a self-taught songwriting wizard and a classical music master may seem a little far-fetched for common folk but not for Carol Lui and Gareth Jones. The duo met while recording The Cansecos' record JUICES!, helping out on the captivating track “Nothing New To You” in 2008. This created a strong musical bond that sparked the birth of Christien Summers. Since forming, the band has only released a single EP entitled Cloud One. Now they are currently working in Toronto on their debut record with producer Ashton Price and looking forward to getting their studio energy to a live location near you!


Christien Summers fuse prime '70s dance beats with electronic sounds, striking a excellent balance between vintage sounds and modern sensibility. After hearing the hip-jiving beats of Patrick Adam, one of disco’s finest maestros, the band decided to take some of his instrumental tracks, slice them up and add vocals to create their excellent Cloud One EP (which you can stream here).

Lyrically, Jones likes to dig a bit deeper than the average disco song. Sure, there’s love, freedom and psychedelics in his writing, but he also touches on the danger of solitude and longing for a meaningful relationship. Lui’s beautifully interwoven vocals also give this duo a unique sound that offers a glimpse at the past through modern lenses.


Believe it or not the band got some high praise from producer Paul Epworth (Adele/Friendly Fires) in a recent tweet. Also, don’t be surprised if you notice Shad’s bassist Ian Koiter on stage slapping da’ bass with the band in their upcoming shows!
- Chart Attack

Indie Band of the Day: Toronto's Christien Summers (yes, it's a band). Put on your dancing shoes. Find em @christiensummrs - Winnipeg Sun


Debut album due Spring 2012



Christien Summers is a vision, or rather an apparition that spanned a vast northern-scape of mountains, lakes, lands and time zones where Carol Lui and Gareth Jones got together in the metropolis of Toronto. The duo first appeared in 2008 on The Cansecos LP JUICES! track "Nothing New To You", a collaboration that inspired a fierce musical bond between the two.

Jones - a songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, and producer fuses his autodidactic, sometimes rogue approach with Lui’s classical music training. Christien Summers' self-titled debut stems from electronic sounds, that merged with Lui’s stage persona of cool sexuality, streetwise style and dizzying vocal glamour, give a dramatic yet dreamy pop experience all at once familiar and strikingly modern.