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Christie Taylor

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Inspirational spoken word and relaxing music is intertwined to motivate you to live your life in "full" expression.


Christie Taylor’s story reads like an epic adventure filled with near misses, struggle, strength, courage and triumph! From her life’s experiences, God has uncovered her life’s purpose. Christie has emerged as a living testament to God’s protection, presence, and position in her life.

Christie fell in love with radio while a student at Oral Roberts University where she worked in the afternoons on the campus radio station, KUTA. Her radio journey has also included working in various aspects of radio in markets like Tulsa, Detroit, Birmingham and Memphis. She has also been very involved in the music industry as a singer/songwriter and has worked with various artists including Vanessa Bell Armstrong, Margaret Bell, Commissioned, Fred Hammond, Judith Christie McAllister, Donnie McClurkin and her Grammy and Dove award winning producer brother, Mooki.

In addition to being the afternoon drive personality in Memphis on 95.7 Hallelujah FM, she is also the host of the ND Radio Gospel talk show, a partnership with Clear Channel and the Memphis and Shelby County Music Commission, which airs bi-monthly on 95.7 Hallelujah FM. Yet beyond her passion for media and music lies her commitment to teaching others how to discover their purpose and realize their dreams, thus Christie was inspired to create her Living LIFE seminars.

According to Christie, God provided her with the necessary principles to live her own LIFE (life in full expression). That transition meant dealing with her personal tragedies and embracing her personal triumphs by using five God-inspired principles, and Christie shares those principles in her Living LIFE seminars and lectures, so others can unleash the life they were born to live.

As a part of her continued desire for everyone to live life in full expression, Christie has embarked upon a new venture with a brand new record label, L. LIFE Records, and is set to release her debut motivational CD entitled “From My Heart: The Collection Of Inspirational Thoughts. "I truly believe everyone is born for greatness and that unlimited potential lies within each of us. I wanted to share on ‘From My Heart’ inspirational thoughts as I do daily on my afternoon radio show. It is my special way to give the listener a constant motivation to carry throughout their day and life." Christie continues, “My goal is to use my gifts and talents to inspire everyone who hears my voice to live their life in full expression….yes to the fullest!”

“From My Heart” is a 49-track album featuring “mini-sermons” and a song aptly entitled From My Heart written by her friend singer/songwriter Keith Barrett, Jr. who testifies that “This album can be played at home, in your car, at work, and even while exercising. Christie speaks to how our purpose in life is always unfolding and this CD is a reminder to keep moving forward through your everyday situations.”

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From My Heart

Written By: Keith Barrett Jr., Christie Taylor

Verse 1
Dreams and goals you will achieve
Believe you have the power to do
Exceedingly, Abundantly above all you can ask or do, so
Be encouraged and know that God will see you through
As He always does (he's always there for you)

Let me testify to you, of His mercy and grace
How He's spared my life, let me live another day I
Wanted to throw in the towel and I wanted to give up
My God stepped in and said to me

"From My heart, to your spirit, to the depths of your soul
May these words that I speak, full of faith, full of hope
Lead you to many places where your dreams unfold"
Words from the Lord, to you from my Heart

Verse 2
(You ask the question)"How will I fulfill my dreams?"
(The answer is) "My purpose and destiny"
His favor’s resting on me (With His love given to me when)
When I share my blessings (Abundance is waiting just for me)
So I pass them on (Share your blessings, watch your cup overflow)

It's okay to dream aloud, it's okay to allow the Lord’s
Spirit to guide, direct you, (in all the things that you go through)
Your life, your gifts are tailor made just for you
Be encouraged as I say this to you

You’ve seen visions of success, health, love, and your family blessed
Don’t let it remain just a dream
Stand firm on God’s Word, take hold of what you’ve heard
Take charge of your life and walk into your destiny…….

From my heart to your spirit to the depths of your soul
May His words that I speak full of faith, full of hope
Lead you to many places where your dreams unfold

Words from the Lord to you
From my heart


"From My Heart: The Collection Of Inspirational Thoughts" (2007)

Set List

30 to 45 minutes spoken word/music