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Written By: christi fischer

blue day spent fishing
holy wishing
salvation casting
rock catching
releasing, rehashing the bashing
water baptism blessing
realigning the line
all is fine
fire on the shore
waves pulled no more
your force
not deserved by our course
by your power
i'm allowed to flower
to comprehend my insignificance
to contemplate my ignorance
to find answers that help make sense
to go on although in penance
to be reminded of faith when i forget
innocent inherently
it's scary
to feel guilt, remorse, sickness, hate of self
want to die
it's almost too clever

Lord i wanna get you autograph
i wanna make you laugh
i wanna hear you tear up notes on this staff
i wanna feel your heart beat off the graph
you're all i see

born a sinner
born a beginner
on the search for love
the reason for seperaton from above
search for the point
you're a prisoner in this joint
striving for closeness, for closure for exposure
i can accept and represent with out a clause
all out complete confidence no need to pause
so engrained in the soul
i'm not able to the other side go
that's what im needing
to never forget Jesus bleeding
to become one
never to have faith undone
my head to always instead of again
in the plan and on the plane

how is it the becoming self is never to be all but killed
is this Your will
to have us know of the ills
trying to heal our world while working with the wrong pill
to suffer the torture of a soul that is never able to be with your love completely filled
to be able to accept the need as a skill
the ability to know you through lack of until
in our seething selves soothing you instill
and the knowledge that we'll never reach our full potential
and this with you must be acceptable still
since it reinforces your entity as better than the best
and i one day in you will eternally live and rest
and you will have future generations to raise and test

Lord i wanna get your autograph


Written By: Christi Fischer

concrescence coalescence
pulled together cosmic force
share the same feeling energy high
bouncing around our electrons combine
a shock flys cross interior heart
the power beats on pulsating star
anticipation of what's next to come
where will we flow go
hold on tight chord coaster
roller ride the wave
slower lover
the tempo beats up
bass heats up
volume soaring
no area to rest and stop
side by side
mixing pot multiplied
don't want to stop and rest
circumfrance circumstance
circle flow and dance
can you reach that common ground
know what it is to be one with the sound
let it carry
drive you unweary
understand that
it's for you daddy cat
spreading like wildfire
the need to get higher
sent from above
no need to push or shove
take it slow
gain experience and grow
hold i feel you pull
time to pay the toll
lost is all control
invisible force driving it on
tap into the energy of a song
a song for the moment keeping it real
when me hears it later will know i feel


Written By: Christi Fischer

don't be left hopeless feeling uneasy
know the tears and suffering are temporary
necessarey to transform into all that should've be
trials loss and release give access to be free
ties that bound fears that gag gone eventually
when through take a bow take a sigh of relief
for now you're finally able to see
good above evil truth from a fable
will always dominate and prevail
each blink a new picture
life's a book we flip through
rip out the pages that've been copied
read the little scenes don't make the whole story
after mom's said goodnight it's then that you'll dream
the main theme void the memories that fill in between
still you must believe it's real
go back to far they'll all disapear
things will change become strange
a digital dream rearranged
too sick and twisted to make sense
for our sins we must repent
wipe bed sleep from your eyes
don't let sincere thoughts become lies
pay attention to this very moment
don't lose sight of what's importent
must have faith that God is with us
say the sweet name Jesus
making my place in history
and as tomorrow comes thats where ill be
gotta make a mark while embarking on a new journey
its all political
shut up bad policies
its all spiritual
shut up bad policies
you may get away with these at best
only to recieve inclining grades on lifes test
but when your hearts filled with zest
revealed will be the graders key found in a treasure chest
which grades on a scale that allows all to pass and be blessed
and now heres the pirates twist
the graders key is really a story
a scifi adventure mystery that sometimes turns awful gory
a plot within the plot
and if righteous is the role youve got
then denied has been the possibility of not passing
with understanding of the play of passion
the moral of the story; love, hope, faith, joy and compassion
these virtues come with acceptance of the healer
the one whom plays the dealer
the hero of the tradjedy
the one whom died for you and me
whom like we should strive to be
so we may live eternally
our life may be start to finish just a chapter
a good reading for those who come after
but for believers the tale is life neverending happily ever after
the end is not the end
but time to let our memories fend
to see if they survive
till we again arrive
to see if they surpass
not only the test pass
watch as wretched become righteous
if you're on His side then feel this
thanks for helpin me hang in
dear friend i'll love you through the end